noisy amazon

hi... i have an oranged tipped amazon bird he wont shut up making a really horrible noise, its hard to describe its not a whistle or anything, also he keeps walking up and down his ladder. i can find no reason for it and its truly doing her head in to the point where i cant stand the noise. he is out all day, 12 hours uncovered in day time and goes to bed at 9. every night, He has got loads of toys is warm and well fed. !!!!
he is roughly 7 yrs old.

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Jan 21, 2009
Noisy Amazon
by: Tracie

You might find some help in the articles on our Parrot Training page.

It is really hard to determine why a bird is screaming. You will have to work at keeping a diary as I suggest in the article on screaming. Some screaming you will not be able to control because it is natural for the birds to scream.

You might consider signing up for the free bird training help Chet offers also.

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