Non toxic bird friendly oil

by Hardy
(Northern CA)

My family is making a bird perch. We need to know what kind of oil is bird friendly and non toxic. Thanks for any help.

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Aug 21, 2010
Non toxic bird friendly oil
by: Linda

Never, ever put any kind of oil on bird's perches. Just forget all about using any kind of oil even near enough so the bird can smell it. All furniture oils are petroleum based, and if this gets on your bird, it will be like birds getting caught in an oil spill. It will take longer, but oil on a bird's feet is transferred, via grooming, all over a bird's body. Once entire body is covered with the oil, bird will suffocate and die.

Use ONLY safe woods that have never been sprayed with pesticides or fertilizers as these become part of the wood and will poison birds. There is a list of safe woods here as well as safe plants in general.

The only safe oil for birds is the organic Red Palm Oil which is used in and on food for them.

Please keep all petroleum products completely out of even bird's smell range as these are poisonous for birds to breathe. In other words, no furniture polish when you have birds or any other noxious chemicals including perfumes and perfumed dryer sheets.


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