None stop loud squaking all day long from budgie

by Sheila

Is there anything to do to make him quiet down. I am at home all day since I am disaabled and he is very very loud; I may have to give him away since he is causing me to have headaches; i am in a small apt; this started bout 6 months ago and he is about a year old now.; Is there any food or vitamin that could help. I am at my wits end so to speak. would be thankful of any help.

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Nov 20, 2010
None stop loud squaking all day long from budgie
by: Linda

You did not say anything about how often you take him out of cage to play with you or to just be out of his cage. If he is left in his cage day in and day out, he will continue to scream because he wants attention. If he is alone like this, then you need to think about getting a much larger cage (at least 3-4 times what the minimum size recommended for one Budgie), and get him a friend. The new bird can go into the cage he's in now, by itself, until they decide whether they like each other or not. Birds have perferences just like people do, so they don't all like each other. So, give them time to safely get to know one another.

If your bird's wings are not clipped, then take him to an Avian vet and have the 6 long primary flight feathers at the bottom end of each wing clipped. There is no need to clip up any higher as this leaves the bird in chronic pain and cripples it as well. Also, your bird needs to be tested for bacterial or other types of infection and the new bird will also need to have the same kind of exam as most new birds are already sick with an infection. These infections are highly contageous, and bird does not just get over it but always needs meds to do so prescribed ONLY by an Avian Vet.

So, before you give your bird away, give him a chance. If he is in his cage alone all day with no attention from you, he is screaming because he is lonely, and screaming is the only way he has to communicate this to you. I always say to put yourself in your bird's place and see if you might not be screaming your head off as well.


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