Non-Toxic Paint

by antonella vaccaro
(laval, canada)

hello we are getting a new baby maroon bellied conure in a month. we have already purchased the cage. it is supposed to be a good cage and is brand new. it is powder coated. however when we got it, my dad wasn't too happy with the finish. there was some spaced on the cage where it seemed the paint wasn't on there. and so the lady from the cage store told us we could touch it up with non-toxic paint.

my dad being someone who takes things to extrems, did a LOT of touch up all over the cage with non-toxic paint. if the paint is lead and zinc free. is there still a danger at all if the bird licks or ingests any of this kind of paint at all??

is this safe? i have been reading now that even non-toxic paint can be dangerous. we are getting our bird in a month and i'm already worried we may have done something wrong for it's health (even if a supposed expert gave us advice by saying you can go ahead and use non-toxic paint).

my dad will probably think i am crazy and will not want to re-purchase a new cage when we haven't even used this one yet. but if it is completly unsafe even with non-toxic paint than i'll have to tell him.

we have also disinfected the birdcage with water/vinegar a while ago. the paint was done a good 2 weeks ago. it's is completly dry now. doesn't smell. and the bird will be put in the cage in about a month.

any advice would be appreciated thanks.



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Nov 18, 2008
Is non-toxic paint safe for cages?
by: The Vet

There is likely to be no danger since the paint is dry and is free of zinc and lead.

Dr. B

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