Nostril growth

by Leo
(Lenoir ,NC)

My 13 year old cockatiels nostril looks like it is growing closed. One side is fine the other side is out farther than the other and appears it is closing, what could cause this? thanks .

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Jun 28, 2011
Nare swollen
by: The Avian Vet

There is likely debris in the nare; dust, feathers, dirt, dried mucus, etc. You can bathe your bird and see if it clears, if not you should take your bird in for an exam and possible nasal flush. This could also indicate a sinusitis or rhinitis.

Dr B

Jun 27, 2011
Nostril on bird enlarged
by: Tracie

Dr B, an avian vet, told another person with this question that they needed to make sure that their bird was eating a healthy pellet diet like Harrison's and....

"The swelling in the nare could be a granuloma caused by vitamin A deficiency. The only treatment is vitamin A supplement injections, available on though a veterinarian. The nare may also need to be flushed and curetted to remove the granuloma. This may also be complicated by infection. It is important to find out what is causing the infection in order to determine which antibiotic will be effective. Over the counter antibiotics are not recommended because they are never strong enough and their spectrum of activity is not appropriate for most if not all avian infections. Incorrect antibiotics are going to mask the disease symptoms at best, and are likely not going to treat this disease.

This could also be caused by a fungus know as Aspergillus. This is a nasty disease and requires specialize medications and extensive long term treatment. Often the cause is from using corn cob bedding or other litter in the bottom of the cage. However, it is a ubiquitous organism and can be found in may places.

Your bird has a serious condition that cannot be diagnosed and treated at home or by someone over the internet. He needs direct medical attention as soon as possible by a qualified (avian veterinarian).

Dr B
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