Not a question, just my story...Sick Lorikeet

by John

Buddy, Rainbow Lorikeet, about 3 years ago.

Buddy, Rainbow Lorikeet, about 3 years ago.

I just hope that one person reads this and doesn't make the same mistakes as me.

7/11/2013, Thursday.

I had to take Buddy my Rainbow lorikeet to the Vet yesterday. I have him home with me now, but I think I'm going to lose him.
These past few weeks I have been so focused on work and getting this stupid music duo happening, and I just haven't been paying my little Buddy the attention I should have. He's going to die because I am colour-blind, and because I educated myself on caring and raising him on the internet and not taking him to a Vet when I first got him. For weeks maybe even months his stool has not been good and I had no idea. Because of my colour-blindness, I had no idea. Buddy had no hope at all of me seeing the blood in his stool.
Last weekend I had Buddy out of his cage all day Saturday and all day Sunday but in hindsight he only sat up on the curtain rod and was quiet. I thought nothing of it. It was nice that he was quiet for a change so that's why he was out of the cage all day, both days. Monday and Tuesday evenings he was still quiet but I didn't click. Too rapped up in trying to get back playing music I just wasn't thinking of him at all. It wasn't until on Tuesday night when Mum said that he had been absolutely quiet during the day when he usually screams his head off, I knew something was wrong. I just didn't know how bad he was. How bad his health had become through years of me doing the wrong thing. I thought I was a good Dad.
"Discharge Information for Buddy who has been treated for Liver failure".
That's what my $800 piece of paper from the Surgery says. The money does not matter.
"I fear Buddy is end stage", in the comments section. I hate this piece of paper.
But this end stage term was used within 2 minutes of first sitting down with the Doctor and my heart just hit the floor. I guess he could just tell by looking at him. I guess I was non the wiser. Buddy had to stay overnight for tests, something else I wasn't prepared for. The Vet, who I have nothing but admiration and praise for, well he said to me that afternoon that it was 50 50 as to whether Buddy would recover from this. I think I cried all the way home, a 90 minute drive.
So for 24 hours I just couldn't cope. I went to work but came home at lunchtime because I just could not stop bursting into tears every 10 minutes. So I came home and sat for an agonizing 2 hrs waiting for the Vet to call with the test results. Just sitting waiting crying and looking at the clock. Then the call came.
I do not blame the Vet for getting my hopes up. After seeing all the test results he started suspecting a partial blockage was the problem. Liquid was passing easily but not the faeces, and the blood was from whatever it was blocking the passage rubbing against the wall and causing bleeding. So he talked about an X-ray to look for swelling and then Barium liquid and pellets. The liquid would pass through but the pellets would get stuck, pin-pointing the location and enabling him to operate and fix it. It was an incredible relief to know that we could treat him and cure him. The conversation ended and he was going to call back in 30 minutes with the results from the X-ray and Barium.
Oh my what a weight was lifted off me. Finally, no uncontrollable urge to cry. 40 minutes of joy and relief but it didn't last. The Vet called and he said there is no blockage, but now he definitely knows what is wrong.
Buddy's Liver is 1/5 the size it should be. And that 1/5 is scarred and not functioning very well at all. His condition is terminal. His heart has a murmur also, because of the Liver problems. As well as an unknown pathology that would need a biopsy to diagnose, but there just isn't enough of his Liver to risk
taking for the test.
I have Buddy at home with me now, he's asleep in his cage. I hope he seems a little perkier tomorrow. All I can do is make sure he eats as much as possible, has little stress but normal sort of play exercise. He has been given a sort of vitamin booster that will last 4 weeks then I'll take him back for another, and another.
And hopefully another, and another, another, you get the picture.
Three Meds, Baytril antibiotic for 5 days, Liver Support Formula for the rest of his life and also Colgout. But I can't remember what this is for, I think another vitamin supplement or something to take the strain off his Liver. And, what I should have done years ago, a change of diet. So, a monthly visit to the Surgery, medication for the rest of his life, and diet to keep him alive, for as long
as it works.
I asked how long? Would this give him a few years? Months. Was the answer.
I have to do my best to be optimistic. Buddy is all I have.
The Vet will call me on Monday to see what Buddy's progress is. I hope it's a positive converstion about Buddy being a little more active, has an appetite and is more his usual annoying self, lol. I'll do whatever needs to be done. I do not think I will cope losing him. Yesterday and this morning when it was 50 50 whether he would live or die I have been just a blubbering mess. And with all the other stress and problems I have, I fear a nervous breakdown. Every time I think of putting him to sleep, euthanasia, I just break down and sob. He might last a month maybe a number of months. I want to think a couple of years. But I know eventually we'll, Buddy and me, will have to take that final drive to the other side of town to the Surgery. I just dread the return journey.
If you read this, please I beg, not only love and care for but pay extra attention to their health even if they look healthy. Take special care of your special feathered friend, your little dinosaur, YOUR special Buddy.

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Nov 11, 2013
by: John

Thanks Julie, I guess we become so attached to them because they become so attached to us! I'm sorry about your General. I know what you mean though, I hear the local wild lorikeets, think of Buddy and cry. So hard for me to spot them though, especially with me being color-blind and they fly so fast. Hopefully I'll be able to smile soon, when I hear them racing over the house to the big gum trees in the neighborhood.

Cheers for the advice Alex. I answered an advertisement today and had a good chat with a breeder who was also very sympathetic to my story. She gave me a lot of good, no, better advice.
I will sleep on it, but tomorrow I might pick up a 12 week old. I figure that I would get another eventually, so why not straight away? I also figured I shouldn't feel guilty or selfish. Because without Buddy, there's only me anyway.

Nov 09, 2013
by: Alex

John, if you feel ready to care for some new birds then do so. But make sure that you are ready to care for some new birds.

If you are able to care for them and they help heal that void, that is O.K.

You will miss Buddy, but the new Lorikeets can keep you busy and two new bundles of love.

If you are ready, go ahead.

Nov 09, 2013
sick lorikeet story..
by: Julie

Hello John,
I am sorry for your loss, and after reading your story I too am in tears! Funny that a little birdy can make such a difference in ones life...isn't it??
I have ringnecks and a very loud hand raised female cockatiel but I know how much it hurts to lose male ringkneck General, has been gone since January of this year and I still miss him but my other birds keep me busy so it is not quite so bad. I was in Shepp last week and saw a pair of bright yellow ringnecks which was Generals colour, and just stood there staring at them for ages, I was pretty down in the dumps for a couple of days after that!
John you will always miss Buddy and Good Luck to you and Thank You so much for sharing your story..

Cheers Julie.

Nov 09, 2013
it's so quiet
by: John

Thank you for your messages Alex Anonymous and Sandra. Although I'm reduced to tears when I come to this page it's still kinda comforting. 42 year old grown man and I am having trouble coping with all this, breaking down all the time. Not looking forward to work on Monday.

***@ Anonymous...***
When I picked Buddy up from the Vet to bring him home I asked if his stool should ALWAYS be just clear liquid and little brown (tan) pellets. Yes, that IS a healty stool. What I didn't realise with my Buddy, and what I see in hindsight now, is a darker feaces in the stool is bad! White in the stool is bad! Buddy's stool started to look like this I think about 2 months ago, maybe more. I stupidly thought to myself when I held him over the laundry that was a big one. Looking at something that looked more like a pidgeon dropping. I was an ignorant fool.
Clear liquid with brown/tan pellets, period, or get to an Avian Vet the same day!

I am thinking of getting another Rainbow Lori very soon, I've even emailed someone about maybe taking a pair they where advertising for a home. But I don't want to feel guilty, it's so soon. I ask myself is it selfish of me? Am I only thinking of easing my own grieving? I think I will feel so empty until I get another little feathered friend.


Nov 08, 2013
by: Alex

I am so sorry to hear about Buddy.I know how it feels to lose a bird.

My thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

Nov 07, 2013
by: Anonymous

I cannot tell you how sorry I am for your loss. I too own a Rainbow Lorikeet, female. She does like to scream, but I still love her a whole bunch. After reading your story, I just feel the need to go get her and play, play and play some more with her. But I won't because it's night time and she's in her bed. I got her when she was 6 mths old and have had her for 13 years. She often angers me but at the end of the day I know I just couldn't part with her.
I do have one question, what color was her stool? I don't know what to watch for to prevent her having the same problems as Buddy.
God Bless.

Nov 07, 2013
Not a question, just my story...Sick Lorikeet
by: Sandra D Singh

John, my heartfelt Condolences on the loss of your dear little Buddy; your story just broke my heart. Maybe if you're somewhat like me, you can try to do what I did when I lost my dear little ones. I used to read every story on this site plus other sites and it helped with the healing process.
I've had few pets that I'd lost and I know how much it hurts. Nine months ago I'd to have one of my birds euthanized. She was 18 years old and suffered a stroke; she couldn't swallow anything and I didn't want her to starve until she died. It was a very difficult decision to make but one that I had to make. I still cry for her but not as much as before; time heals every wound and I believe that.
John, what you’d have to do now is to pray and cherish the good memories of your dear little Buddy; God bless his soul. Buddy is now flying over the Rainbow Bridge with all the friends that he made who was waiting to receive him at the bridge. I'm sure that my dear little Fran and my other babies received him with so much love. He's not alone John and he's very happy so try not to cry too much; he'd be looking down and "he" wouldn't be happy seeing you sad. If he sees you sad it’ll break his dear little heart and you wouldn’t want that I’m sure.
Pray and ask the Lord to keep him happy and safe. The Lord shall also give you the strength that's needed to cope without your dear little Bud. As the days, months and years go by your tears would become “less” and after years you’d feel less hurt and you’d then be able to remember him with smiles and "sometimes" still shed a tear or two. I'll keep you in my prayers so you take care John and God bless.

Nov 07, 2013
by: John

The only regret I have is that I wanted so much to be with him and holding him when he died.
I found him at 6:20 after my alarm at 6 and then showering. He was lying on his side, eyes open. He wasn't cold but he wasn't warm either. When I talked to the vet about what his last moments might have been like, and my observations, she said he likely died around half hour before I found him. What I regret is, I set an alarm for 5am but when it sounded I re-set it for 6.
I am just kicking myself.

Nov 07, 2013
by: John

...I just buried Buddy, with his favourite toys, and some things he wasn't allowed but always so desperately wanted :)

It will be so quiet around here now. No more chatting and play-fighting every morning. No more squawking when I'm not at home. No more "so glad to see you" postures when I get home from work. I would have a nap most afternoons after work and he would sit where ever my hand was for the obligatory pats and scratches. Then most times he would start licking my hand all over, which tickled a little. Then maybe my neck and start foraging through my hair. More play fighting before settling on my shoulder and then bedtime around 7-8pm, for him that is. Was.

Next day same thing, everyday same thing. Like I said, it's going to be quiet around here.

It's nice to know there are complete strangers in the world willing to lend a shoulder to cry on. Tracie and Angela you both have good souls, and I'm sorry I made you cry Angela.

Love to you both for caring.

Nov 07, 2013
by: Angela

John I am sending you my sincere condolences on the loss of Buddy. I have been reduced to a blubbering mess after reading your story and am so sorry for the loss of your friend. About 25 years ago I lost a bird to liver failure. At that time I was young, had a new baby and did not know much about birds. I never got a replacement until three years ago when someone I knew was giving their bird away because they hated and abused it. I took in this Quaker parrot who was afraid of everything, plucked itself to the point of bleeding and never shut up. I was wondering if I had made a mistake. I did as much research as I could on Quakers and educated myself on birds and how to care for them. I am happy to say that she is happy, healthy and the smartest bird I have ever known. Reading your story broke my heart because I put myself in your shoes and wondered what my life would be like if I ever lost her. You will never find a replacement for Buddy, but there is a bird out there that can fill the void in your heart. Wishing you peace and love, my friend.

Nov 07, 2013
Sweet bird passed on
by: Tracie

My heart goes out to you! Hopefully the grief and loss you feel today, and the next few days, will be replaced with happy memories and thankfulness that your bird is happy, free and not suffering now.

You loved your bird and your bird surely felt your love. You blessed Buddy's life and Buddy blessed yours. ((hugs))

Nov 07, 2013
Too soon.
by: John

8/11/2013, Friday.

Buddy is gone, he passed away overnight.
I didn't even get one more day with him.
I am heart broken.

Rest in peace my little friend.
I was so lucky to have you in my life and I will miss you so so so much.

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