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Sep 02, 2011
Bird not eating normally
by: Tracie

You sound a lot like me when I had my first few birds. I had never really studied up on pet birds, I just saw them in stores and purchased them. I am so thankful you were smart enough to get on the Internet and ask questions, because all of mine died within a few years.

I am going to address your question backwards. Moving is hard on birds, but I have known many military people over the years that have moved around with their smaller birds and even left them with family when deployed. Of 7 birds I can think of, one bird did NOT do well and started plucking. They ended up placing the bird in another home and they heard that the bird quick plucking and did fine.

The key to helping the bird when moving is taking the bird to an avian vet either right before or after each move for a health check so that a hidden illness doesn't suddenly "get" the bird due to the added stress.

Always have the bird play in it's travel cage a week or so before the move and keep familiar perches, water bottle and toys in the cage. (You have to remove the toys during travel to keep them from swinging and knocking off the bird. You can attach stable toys to the side bars.)

The diet you mention will slowly kill the bird. Your bird needs to be eating 80% healthy pellets like Harrison's or Roudybush and only 20% treats that do NOT have chemicals or additives that are harmful to birds tiny organs. Colored pellets, ZuPreem and Lafeber are junk so avoid them.

While at Fort Hood, check out Georgetown Veterinary Hospital - Dr. Erica Haley Phone: 512-863-3563

I met her at a bird fair once and she was very nice and I felt good about her. She might even have Harrison's at her office.

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