Not sure about charge

by Cindy Smet
(Baraboo wi, usa)

I quess I question how come if the money is taken out on a Friday why do you wait to ship until Monday? I will now make sure I don't order at the end of the week. I placed the order on a Thursday night, so I thought the order would have been here by Tuesday. Oh well, just wondering.

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May 05, 2010
Not Sure About Charge
by: Ken

This must be a joke or this person has nothing else, other than her heartbeat, going on in her life. These people are phenominal, save me a fortune, and ALWAYS ship sooner than I expect. All businesses should provide this high level of customer service (I own a small business). It is my privelege to be a customer for life!

Nov 19, 2009
What??? This is a GREAT online store!
by: Sarah

Goodness! This is an online business, not your local store. This is the greatest, most personal, online store I know of.

Think of it this way. Once you place an order, people, that have to be paid, are already processing it. Someone has to type your order into the system. Someone has to pull your items, two people have to check that the correct items are pulled, someone has to pack it properly, someone has to print a label for the box and place it on the dock for UPS.

Now, you want her to pay everyone and collect your money later??? Well, I gladly pay her in advance. Besides, she saves me sooooo much money by her great prices I can't complain about anything. :-)

Nov 18, 2009
Charges and shipping
by: Tracie

That is a fair question.

Because I am trying to keep my costs down so I can offer the lowest prices, I do not have a fancy, expensive shopping cart. I have to pay a monthly fee for the cart and even pay fees for every penny you pay.

The shopping cart software charges when an order is placed, I have no choice in that. Often orders are shipped the same day, but it can take 1 - 3 days depending on how many orders the warehouse has to fill.

You are correct about ordering on Thursday and Friday, often those orders do not ship until Monday or Tuesday.

We still offer the best, personal customer service you will find and likely the lowest prices you will find. We try our best, I am sorry you were disappointed.

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