Now He's All Alone

by Carmen
(Brick, NJ)

Eleven years ago, we bought a pair of cockateil birds, Tweety (an Albino) and Baby (a white faced grey). They were only a few months old and we hand fed them till they were able to feed themselves. Unfortunately, this morning Tweety passed away. Will Baby be ok all by himself? We've heard that when birds are accustomed to being in pairs they don't do so well on their own. What should we do?

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May 26, 2008
Parrot mate died
by: Tracie

I am sorry for your loss.

Nobody can tell you how your bird will react. Spend some extra time with your bird to comfort it. Some birds take a while to get over the death of a cage mate and others move on quickly.

Do not go and purchase another bird to share the cage. You don't know if they would even get along. If YOU want another bird, then get another bird in another cage and set them next to each other. Maybe they will enjoy each other and be able to live together, but they may not.

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