nuts for ringnecks?

Can ringnecks eat nuts, if so, what kind?

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Jan 04, 2010
nuts for ringnecks?
by: Linda

If you haven't already, start changing your bird over to an organic high quality pelleted diet. Tracie has several kinds out here, and any one of them is great. We use the Harrison's, and our Amazons have been eating it for years with very good results.

Leave off any kind of nuts for your bird. Nuts are full of fat for the most part, and birds do not need fatty foods as they're not supposed to carry any fat on their bodies.

Give your bird a healthy diet of organic pellets, organic fruit and veggies no more than 10% of the diet and offer no table foods as these contain high levels of salt, sugar and fat. Salt and sugar are toxic to a bird and will kill them if enough is eaten. Fat has the same effect on birds as it does humans, namely, to kill the living organism.

The pellets will provide the crunching and munching of the nuts and will be 1,000 times better for your bird's health. It takes a while to change from seeds to pellets, so be prepared for that. Dr. B has written a very good article about it and here is the link:
Switching Birds to Pellets article.

Thanks for writing,

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