odd behavior for indian ring neck parrots

what causes my indian ring neck parrot to tilt head back while making odd rhythmic chirping sounds wings slightly elevated head turning side to side while rubbing her neck almost in a hypnotic state

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Jul 15, 2010
odd behavior indian ring neck
by: rosie m

Dear Linda, Thank you so much for your suggestion. I will take care of this issue right away. Just to let you know, this behavior only occurs when she wants attention when next to her cage. When she is out of her cage,most of the day, she is perched on a high towel rack she will fly down to me either for a kiss on the head or a neck rub. when I purchased her she was not tamed and a biter. I have worked with her for months to gain trust and making progress. She was previously owned by people with two parrots and only payed attention to one. The exotic bird pet store had her checked by an avian vet for shots and DNA testing and illnesses just a few months ago. She acts normal all the rest of the time. She flies normally. The pet store gave her cheese crackers sparingly for a treat. She will receive cheese fish crackers for a reward. I asked the pet store people if she should be eating crackers at all. I was told in moderation.Thanks-Rosie M

When I purched her

Jul 14, 2010
odd behavior for indian ring neck parrots
by: Linda

I suggest you take your bird to an Avian Vet to see if he is having seizure activity from being poisoned or from an infection or tumor. The hypnotic state is what a seizure looks like. Animal or bird stares blankly out of its eyes while doing head and body movements that do not seem to make any sense.



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