Odd Colorations

by Michelle
(St. Louis)

My young conure just turned 1 year old on the 23 of November. He just went through a molt and is regrowing his flight feathers. Two flight feathers are growing in pale yellow with white shafts. He is a sun conure though it maybe possible he is a sun hybrid. Could he possibly be a pied mutation? Is this a sign of damage to the area? Dose pied mutations occur in sun conures and how rare is it?

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Nov 29, 2009
Odd Colorations
by: Linda

Well, the only bird he could have been bred with is another conure, and their wings are green.

This can be due to a dietary problem, and so if he is not eating an organic pelleted diet, then he needs to be changed over to one immediately.

Tracie has several organic pelleted diets here, and my favorite is Harrison's as my birds have been eating it for many years and are healthy and very brightly colored.

I would also suggest a trip to a local Avian Vet to have him checked out to see what kind of overall health he is in at this time.

Thanks for writing,

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