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May 10, 2012
odd sleeping flapping behavior
by: Anonymous

Birds need a dark quiet place to roost.
With no traffic. Keep your TVs on low, the noise can be preventing a proper sleep.

My bird is in the dinningroom, which is semi opened to the kitchen. So lights in the kitchen come on at night so the kids can get water. Thus, I cover my birds cage to prevent light from waking her. Well all move to the back of the house so there's no noise in the front to disturb her.

Have a pet carrier, so that if you have company over, the bird can be moved into a dark quiet room to sleep for the night, should your birds cage be in a busy room. Make sure the bird has food and water in there as well. I paid $40 for my bird carrier which fits my african grey, and amazon. Has a perch, feeders, with latches to prevent the little ninja birds from escaping.

My vet recommends a bird should get 10-14 hours of sleep per night. Some birds require more sleep then others. If your bird is awake for 14 hrs a day, this could be the problem. Put her to bed earlier.

My bird goes to bed at 7pm and is uncovered at 7 am. Unless she's in there talking up a storm, then I'll uncover her earlier. But not earlier then 6. I try to get her to sleep for 12 hrs. This works for her. Set a bed time, and a wake time. Stick to it the best you can. A proper routine for the bird could be helpful too.

Good luck!

May 10, 2012
Mine does the same...
by: Lyane

Hi heidi, my alexandrine parakeet does the same. My bird sleeps in a closet at night. As soon as i close the door, he flaps his wings and swings on his perch in the closet...or that s what im thinking he is doing. He does this maybe four times a week and sometimes i can hear him whispering too, afterr flapping his wings...mine is not scared at all.....i really think this is normal...i wouldn t worry about it.

May 09, 2012
odd sleeping flapping behavior
by: Linda

It would be a good idea to put a small low wattage night light either in the room with him or in a room where some of the ambient light filters through to his room. When birds go from lots of light to no light at all, it scares them, and they lose their perspective in the dark. Sometimes, they will fall down and thrash hurting themselves.

We use the night lights that come on when room is dark and go off during the day. They can be quite bright, so put one behind something in bird's room or in the room next to bird, so he has plenty of darkness and also a bit of light so he can see a little after lights are out. We have our light benind a plastic storage chest we have in bird's room, so just enough light shows to keep them from being in total, black darkness when they go to bed.

Thanks for writing,

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