oil on tailfeathers

by camille

my bird flew into a non hot pan of oil n got tailfeathers oily ,what do i do ?,can i leave it ,wash it ,will it hurt or affect my bird ,its also flightlass.

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Sep 27, 2011
Bird fell in oil
by: Tracie

Honestly, you don't have time to wait days for Dr B to answer this. He will not answer bird emergencies for this very reason. You need to Find an Avian Vet right away to answer this. A simple phone call will be all you need. Please do this.

If the bird tries to preen itself, it will spread the oil everywhere. Some use different dish detergents, but personally I don't know if an avian vet would say that is safe. I would only trust what your avian vet suggests.

I hope others read this and take caution to NEVER allow their bird in the kitchen. Birds should not be allowed to explore any room that is not bird proof.

I realize this was an accident, I am not attacking you, just wanting to make a point for future readers.

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