Okay in diet or not

My conure loves whole wheat bread - any problems feeding her this? How much if yes? How often if yes? Yes is it's okay.

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Nov 03, 2010
Feeding bread to birds
by: Tracie

A tiny small piece about the size of your thumbnail is fine. Your bird should be eating 80% of healthy pellets, like Harrison's and only 20% treats.

When you look at the very small amount of pellets you feed your bird, you can see that 20% treats is a VERY small amount. Please feed your bird pellets all day and don't offer the treats until later so that they don't fill up on junk food and not eat their pellets.

We have several good articles on our Parrot Training page you might want to read, including instructions on how to switch your bird to eating pellets if it does not eat pellets right now.

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