old girl????

by Eileen
(Phila, Pa)

Phoenix is 20 years old. I hand fed "him" from the time he was a small baby. He cuddled in my hair, crawled up and down my arms,ate breakfast with me, gave me kisses. He was my bird. My husband was Army Reserves and on his last deployment to Afghanistan he was gone for a year. When he came home, he walked in the door the bird let out a scream like a girl. He flew to my husband and stayed on his shoulder. After a few minutes, Ed said "take him off me". I went to get him and he bit me, really hard. He kept biting me any time I went to his cage and did anything but feed him. After that he became Ed's bird ! And very nasty with anyone but Ed???? Like I said , he is now 20 years old and Ed ,who does all his care
, cleaning the cage he's found signs of "nesting"
I am reading that Conures can start laying eggs very late in life, but 20 years old ????

Editor's note: Yes, and if your bird is not on a high quality pellet diet, she may die due to becoming egg bound.