Olivia *houdini*

by Ty Lee

me and my mom bought a Moluccan Cockatoo when she was like, just hatched, and we hand raised her.....she is a very cuddly bird. *oh and her name is Olivia, Libby for short* she LOVES to scream........she also talks a little. when you walk to her cage, she goes *hiii baby* and she has this little laugh that sounds almost evil.

when we put her on her perch, she likes to dance around and do funny things. she'll do something funny, like throw her head around, then she'll laugh really hard. she HATES vegetables. if you put celery, or something green in her bowl, she grabs it and flings it like 10 feet away. we have 7 locks on her cage, the ones you twist around, and she unlocks all of them. she even chewed through the METAL BARS!.

my dad puts tree limbs in her cage, and in a few days, she chews them in half. this is not even HALF of what she can do.

lol she is a very affectionate bird...and loves to lay on her back on our laps. she also makes little kissing noises, which are SO CUTE!!!

i dont have a picture of her, but she looks just like all other cockatoos. except the orange on her head is EXTREMELY draker then others......