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Jan 10, 2009
Sounds like a great grey
by: Sugar's Mom

My Congo grey also is interested in toes. She loves me very deeply and I feel like she is my child. She likes to come into the bathroom while I'm brushing my teeth. She pushes my handtowel off the counter and laughs a goofy laugh when I bend over to pick it up. She says "come mere" to get me to visit. She says "want some apple?" when I bite into one. She and her sister Xena, a blue front Amazon live in separate but adjoining cages on our dining table. They get a little of each of our meals. They sleep as close as their cages allow, but are rivals when awake. Sugar's vocabulary is incredible. She asks questions, and answers some, too. She spends time outdoors on a perch/gym, and indoors on my knee for hours every day. She lays down in my lap on her back and relaxes while I massage her head and face. Sometimes she falls asleep there with her little feet sticking up in the air. She doesn't poop all night long, and first thing when the cover comes off in the morning, WOW, GIANT POOPIE! Xena poops all night long and makes a little "poop mountain" under where she sleeps. Xena is in love with my husband, but likes to visit with me too. Sugar, after 9 years, finally sort of likes her Dad. She climbs down my leg, over to his chair and up his leg to the back if his chair and just sits there. That's MAJOR for a grey. Life with a feathered child is great!

Good luck!
Sugar's Mom

Aug 05, 2008
to the last comment
by: Anonymous

your bird is 5 1/2 years old??? or months??? I have a 7 year old Congo and he says approx 1000 words and speeks in sentances...also a wide array of sounds. (some sounds are good and some just to show his displeasure...I think he just may be able to break glass) any way... encourage your bird to speak by saying things constantly... every time you give your bird water..tell him/her are you thirsty??? heres some water...every time (pick your own words) but your bird will learn not only to speak those words but accociate them to the sight of you giving him/her water and even by letting you know its thirsty by repeating those words. do this with just about all the common activities...once your bird has that down... the options are endless. I set up a tv with a dvd player for while I am gone... I set the remot up in his cage and cut off all the buttions (get a hard buttion remote) except the choose chapter buttions...I burned a disk with my fav. movies excerpts and some other stuff and he has learned just about everything and the associations to them.... hope this helps and sorry for the spelling...

Mar 11, 2008
african greys
by: callum

i have a 5 and a half old african it possible that it will talk very soon or even now because it is tryin really hard to say thing's.

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