One day old Love Bird

by Carrie Kartchner
(Washington, Utah USA)

Hi, I had a one day old healthy appearing love bird that died after about 36 hours. It was our first to hatch. Still waiting on the others. I did the floating egg in 100 degree water test and it appears I have three eggs which are still alive.

It seamed like the mother bird was taking good care of the chick, so now I'm afraid I will loose the others when they hatch too. Wondering if we’ve done something wrong. I checked on safe nesting materials, and it seems like everything is ok there.

Besides the pets store provided nesting material, mama birds ripped up news paper from the bottom of the cage. I was worried about that, but when I looked up nest materials it was listed as ok to use. Any other ideas? Thanks Carrie.

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Aug 24, 2012
one day old lovebird
by: Anonymous

newspaper with colored ink is bad for the birds health if you used colored newspapers.

Jan 10, 2012
To Editor
by: Carrie

I do not think it is fair that Linda’s entire response to my original post was up for an entire week, and now my response has been edited as to not allow me to explain the entire situation to her, in my case. I DID research before I did what I did. I want her to know that!
I find this very disturbing! What you’ve allowed to remain of my response, doesn’t begin to explain the story! I would like her to know everything that I have written in my original response to her very RUDE comments towards me! I think it only fair, that my entire comment be able to remain at least as long as you allowed hers too (one week!). I’m a very sweet person myself, but if I need to defend myself I will. I should have the right to be heard publicly to defend myself, just as she had the right to say what she said to me, and have it be left up publically for all to read! I said nothing in my comments that should have been taken offence too.Nor did I use profanity or any such things, as to be edited as I was! I simply stated facts in my own defense, giving her information she requested! Why is it wrong for her to know she was wrong? My situation turned out fine. Why was it necessary for you to delete my post? What you left doesn’t even make sense in response to what she wrote to me.
I turned to your site for help, and all I received was insults. Twice now with my last response being edited down to nothing!
I haven't had the chance to explain my side of the story! I simply continue to look like an inept idiot on this thread for the last week when, when it comes to animals I consider myself anything but inept! Please reconsider posting my entire responce from yesterday.

Editor's note: This is not the place for getting back at each other. What value will ugliness have next week, a year from now etc. to future readers? I am sorry you are offended.

Both of you are sweet people, I am sure. I removed the offensive comment from both threads. Lets move on. It is my fault I didn't read either of your posts closely enough.

Jan 09, 2012
To Linda
by: Anonymous

Linda, I thought you might like to know that we adopted the love birds from someone one who had to move very quickly and could no longer keep the birds. I did not intentionally allow them to lay eggs. We didn't even know we had a male & female initially. The eggs arrived just days after we received the birds!

Editor's note: I am sorry I did not "temper" Linda's post, she is a sweet person, and I am sure she did not mean to offend just as I hope you do not wish to offend her with your comments. All have been edited now. :-)

Jan 04, 2012
One day old Love Bird
by: Linda

The correct way to "candle" an egg is to gently take the egg out of the nest box and hold a bright light, like a flashlight, behind it. If you do not see any shadow in it, then it is a clear or unfertile egg. If you DO see a shadow inside the egg, then the egg is fertile.The shadow will be very small and will appear to be solid. This is a baby.

If you have questions, call an Avian Vet.

Find an Avian Vet

Jan 04, 2012
Day old bird died
by: Tracie

Dr B will not be able to tell you why the chick died or if the others will die without examining the dead chick, sorry.

It could be the bird had a defect, the parents killed it or didn't feed it.

You might want to have a necropsy done on the bird that died.

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