One legged bird laying down?

by Alicyn
(Lakewood, CO)

I just adopted two handicapped birds. I have had them for 9 days now. Harper has one leg and Tennessee can not grip well with her two feet.

Harper hops around on her one foot mostly and last night she was laying down. She was alert and eating, but even when I put my hand near her she would squawk, but she wouldn't get up. I did pick her up to inspect her body and to my knowledge she isn't pussing from her amputation scar or swelling.

She was "mad" and talkative when I held her and she tried to scoot away a little, but she still didn't get up and move normally. Is this normal and is she resting her leg and she just hasn't done this around me yet? Or do you think something is wrong? Thank you!

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Oct 19, 2009
Bird laying down
by: The Vet

It sounds like something is wrong and you need to take her in for a recheck.

Dr B

Oct 18, 2009
by: Alicyn

I would have to ask about the leg, but she got it amputated because a rat escaped at PetSmart and got in the birdcage and attacked these two birds. I will ask them tomorrow how long ago her leg was amputated and what medication because the day I got them (10 days ago now), was the day Harper was taken off the medication.

Oct 18, 2009
One legged bird
by: Tracie

Can you share more details about the bird in question? How long ago was the leg amputated and why was it amputated? What medications, if any, were prescribed by the vet? Any other information that you think might help would be great.

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