one month old alexendria parakeet

by ameya mahulkar
(mumbai, maharashtra,india)

i have bought an alexendria parakeet ...
he is 3 weeks and 4 days old now
he was a very hyper active bird
he use 2 jumb around and play all day long
he use to eat well too....
infact he use to eat double his size...
he use to shit frquently to...
everything was fine...
unti 2 days back...he started sleeping alsot and dint play
he could'nt even stand up on his feet
i took hi 2 d doc
but she said due to d weather changes it must have affected him....
but i dont think thats the reason...
i when i left he was jumping and playing around...
and after 2hours wen i returned he was in an unconscience
doc told me to feed him alot of papaya and oranges and also chick pea flour.........
i did so...
but now i'e noticed that he cannot stand on his left leg...
and limps all the time...
he cant balance himself....
im very tensed about this....
pls help me ....
pls tell me what has happened to him....
is it a sprain or a fracture???
if its a fracture den will it get well in future ...
will he live??????
and what just happened to him in those 2hrs....
now he sleeps all day and cant walk nor ca even stand.....
pls tell me if u knw anything abt this or wat should i do;......
pls help

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May 03, 2017
certified vet
by: Vinay Sanghi

Third class service
She killed my parakeet
Still she doesn't know how to saline to bird

Mar 07, 2014
birds vet.
by: Anonymous

as u have said that ur bird is suffering, pls don't waste time if u r in Mumbai visit dr. Yuvraj. He is like god of bird's.
dr had saved my cockatiel while he was hitted by ceiling fan.
here is the no. of dr n even the address. Do visit n save ur bird's.
Pet4vet veterinary doc.
shop-25, aklavya chs. kharghar sec -21, navi Mumbai.
dr yuvraj

Feb 07, 2014
urgent need avian vet for my parrot
by: nilophar.

i m nilophar i have male ringneck parrot he eat properly and very much like playing and very active but he reduce his diet last 2 days,but he playing well , he is my loving kid i m worried help me out i m from nasik maharashtra here no avian vet what i will do plz experts suggest me

Feb 07, 2014
i m looking avian vet
by: nilophar

i m looking for avian vet i m from nashik maharashtra.

Jul 04, 2012

I am really sorry on reading the condition of ur bird ,but now u have to run to an avian specialist in mumbai.
here u go and am sure he will save and cure the injury of ur bird.

Dr.Yuvraj Kaginkar

PH- 9833522077, 9619522077, 8108422077

Jul 04, 2012
by: Ali sheikh

DR.YUVRAJ KAGINKAR - 9833522077 at MUMBAI & NAVI MUMBAI is the expert Avian veterinarian with many awards in the firld of Avian Medicine

meet Dr.Yuvraj the expert avian there..........9833522077 , I am taking my African Grey Parrot to him for past 10 years and believe me he is the best.

Mar 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

dr.shivani tandel at prabhadevi.take right from he prabhadevi vodafone gallery and keep going in left side onof the the end u see pheonix vet shivani the expert avian there..........9820034512

Jun 01, 2011
chain of veterinary clinics

Small Animal & Wild Life veterinarian

I am Dr.Madhurita Gupta , Chairman & MD of Myvets Integrated Solutions Pvt. Ltd. with chain of Veterinary Clinics for Animals & Birds in KHARGHAR, MUMBAI, KOLHAPUR, JAIPUR

We have a Avian Expert in our team called Dr.Yuvraj Kaginkar , you can reach him on +91 9833522077 for all your bird issues

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Feb 10, 2011
dnt wry
by: Anonymous

hey amey do as i say.
parrots are wild birds and are captured from the forests and they need time to get adopted to our lifestyle.
i am really sorry on reading the condition of ur sweetheart,but now u have to run to an avian specialist in mumbai.
here u go and am sure she will save and cure the injury of ur bird.
Dr.Shivani Tandel.

Dec 31, 2010
Take this number and call her NOW
by: Anish Gawande

Hey... take this number.. it's Shivani's . She'll treat your bird and he'll be fine in no time. She's saved many of my birds and you cant trust her completely. She is a qualified avian vet. Her number is 9820034512. CALL HER IMMIDIATELY>

Dec 13, 2010
poor response
by: Anonymous

very few avain bird vets those who are there also are very indifferent hoping for best in near future. No one responds quickly

Nov 04, 2010
Go to Prabhadevi!
by: Anish

Its sad that we do not have many avian vets in Mumbai. GO TO DR SHIVANI TANDEL NEAR PRABHADEVI TEMPLE (PRABHADEVI). As far as I know, she's the only avian vet in INDIA!

Jan 10, 2010
plz help me
by: Anonymous

but i took him to the doctor in mumbai no one is tht professional now he can stand properly he became a bit active too but still sleeps after having food....still he cant walk properly by his left foot...he shouts a lots n interacts too while having food...he has his food very nicely...but only problem is tht he cant bear hwole weight on his left foot....pls help me as in mumbai der r no avian specialist....

Jan 09, 2010
one month old alexendria parakeet
by: Linda

This is awful, and am SO sorry about your bird. YOU HAVE TO TAKE HIM TO SEE AN AVIAN VET NOT A DOG AND CAT VET AS THEY DO KNOW HOW TO TREAT BIRDS. He will die unless you find the right help immediately.

The Avian (Bird) Vets have years of extra training so they know how to diagnose and treat birds. Please see if you can find one in your area as soon as you can. Your bird is very sick and will die without proper help. NO KIND OF FOOD IS GOING TO HELP THIS BIRD, ONLY AN AVIAN VET TRAINED TO TAKE CARE OF BIRDS.


Jan 09, 2010
Alexandrian parakeet needs to see a vet
by: Tracie

I am sorry to read this about your bird. Dr B can not help your bird, because your bird needs to be seen in person right away. An Avian vet will examine your bird and run tests to find out what is wrong. The only way for the proper treatment to be prescribed, is for you to take the bird to see a vet, before it dies.

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