one rosa bourke on its own?

by kerry jones

is it ok to keep one rosa bourke on its own. I had two females but one has just died, they are about 18 months?

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Dec 06, 2011
Getting a friend for a bourke's parakeet
by: Tracie

Yes, you can keep just one bird but it would probably be happier if it had another bird in the room.

We recently had the same situation with our bourke's keet. We are getting a splended grass parakeet to keep our bourke's company. They are both Australian, they flock together in the wild and can be kept together in captivity.

We will keep them in separate cages until we are sure they want to live together, but these birds are so non-aggressive that they usually can be kept in a large cage together.

We chose the splendid over getting another bourke's keet because we don't know if our bourke's is a male or female and don't want to chance them breeding.

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