Only ok with neck grooming

by Jake

My 9 month old dusky conure Ludwig is a fantastic bird and greatly enjoys all human interaction. He will even beg a stranger to pet him on his neck. The "problem" (I'm not sure that it is one) is he Only likes to be pet on the neck. Any time someone tries to stroke his back, under his wings, or touch his feet, he promptly changes to an aggressive stance until the threat of the human hand is gone.

This doesn't seem to be that big of a deal but the more I read about parrots and duskies specifically, the more I find they usually enjoy gentle touching and grooming especially under the wings. I know this could just be his individual preference but I am wondering if I could be handling him incorrectly. If it's something extra I need to do or change about the way I groom him, I would be very glad to know.

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Mar 14, 2011
Thank you
by: Jake

I appreciate you letting me know. I'll be sure to steer clear of anywhere except his neck. Thanks Linda, from Lud and I

Mar 12, 2011
Only ok with neck grooming
by: Linda

Hello and thanks for writing. Each bird within any given species is an individual with specific preferences, and your bird is merely showing you his preferences. Do not take any liberties that your bird does not like because this tests the bond/trust issue you have with your bird.

Enjoy him for who he is and not what anyone wants him to be, and you two will be happy campers!

Again, thanks for writing and feel free to write us anytime if you have more questions. Also thanks for caring enough about your bird to ask the right questions.


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