Only Puffing Up One Side of the Neck

(this was taken  a while ago)

(this was taken a while ago)

I have a jenday-conure. I am trying to find why only her/his (never got blood tested for sex of bird) left side when facing me is puffed up with air in her neck. She always used to puff up both sides and now sometimes she only puffs up one. It feels weird if I touch it but then shortly after she stops puffing it up.

Only a few weeks ago I discovered a bald spot with a bunch of baby feathers on the right side of my conure's neck. Could that be the problem? That she just has more feathers on one side than the other? That what I assumed at first but it seems a bit more fishy than that....

Everything else is normal. She is a very active bird a little over three years old. She eats and drinks well and her body functions are normal.

I am probably going to end up taking her to the vet but my parents wanted me to look online first. Any Suggestions of what could be wrong? Could she have a tumor, or is this normal?

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Nov 09, 2009
Puffing Up One Side of the Neck
by: Linda

Yes, we say go ahead and take bird to an Avian vet in your area. This could be many things, and a tumor is one of them. If your bird has not seen an Avian vet in a long time (more than a year), he/she is due a checkup.

We try and answer those questions we can, and if the question is about something physical like this, since we can't see the bird, we always advocate taking your bird to a licensed, trained Avian vet to make sure all is well or to treat something that is not. Be very careful about taking advice from regular people who say they used this and that medicine with their birds. Never use ANY kind of medicine on or in your bird that an Avian vet has not prescribed. Over the counter meds are dangerous and for the most part will be ineffective. Pet shop people will sometimes recommend this or that--take your bird to a qualified Avian vet to be sure it is getting the right kind of medicine for the type of illness or infection it has at the moment.You can then ask them about whatever someone recommended for your bird to find out if it is effective and safe. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY AS BIRDS ARE KILLED EVERY YEAR BY WELL MEANING PEOPLE TRYING TO MEDICATE THEM WITHOUT THE PROPER DIAGNOSIS AND/OR MEDICINES.

Thanks for writing, and thank you for the lovely picture of you little bird--what a Beauty!!!

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