Open Sore on Underside near leg

by Melissa Michaud
(Cadiz, Kentucky USA)

My parrotlet has an open sore on her underside near her leg. She is approximately 13 years old and has never had any illness. She is still eating, drinking, alert and vivacious other than the pain from the sore which is causing her to favor the good leg.

In your experience are you familiar with any possible causes for this. She is on primarily a cockatiel food diet (3D pet products) with some dehydrated fruits, veggies and bread. I contacted an avian vet who said to treat the sore with neosporin and monitor her closely for any signs of healing or deterioration. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Kiwi is my baby and I cannot imagine life without her.

Thank you,
Melissa Michaud

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Jan 09, 2010
Don't use Neosporin on birds
by: The Avian Vet

Honestly that is the worst advise you could get. Neosporin is not appropriate for treating birds. This ointment is greasy and will be spread throughout all the feathers and cause your bird to become cold. It also does not work against many avian bacteria.

Finally, Neosporin has been known to cause allergic-like reactions in some birds. I do know know what caused this lesion, but if left untreated or continued to be treated incorrectly it will certainly get worse. In my state it is illegal for a veterinarian to prescribe treatment over to the phone to a patient he/she has not examined. I recommend that you take your bird in to see an avian veterinarian immediately. Stop using the Neosporin.

Finally I would like to add that you need to change your bird?s diet. Seeds are not a good diet because they are deficient in over 30 different nutrients and supplementing with treats like veggies and bread will not complete or balance the diet. I mention this for many reasons, but mainly because this lesion is being made worse because of nutritional deficiencies in the diet. The best diet to feed is Harrison's. You should have your bird eat 80% pellets and the rest can be treats, even a few seeds as a treat are OK, but you should offer a better quality seed than the WalMart 3D brand. Volkman makes a seed specific for parrotlets. It is an excellent seed mix, but again., is not a complete and balanced diet.

Dr B

Jan 08, 2010
Open Sore on Underside near leg
by: Linda

You will need to take her into see the Avian Vet in person. It is unusual they would prescribe any medications without a diagnosis. Please take her in as this sounds serious, and you do not need to wait any longer as it will become worse as time goes on. The infection needs to be identified and oral medications prescribed.

Thanks for writing,

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