opening up mouth wide and moving head

by Charlotte Ellis
(Deer Park, Texas)

3 yr old amazon parrot has been opening her mouth up and bobbing her head frequently. She is sneezing also. Could she have congestion and unable to breath well? She is still speaking, laughing, being loud also, but I want to make sure that I don't need to take her to the vet. Thanks in advance for your answer.

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Dec 09, 2009
Parrot opening mouth frequently
by: The Vet

You need to take her in. There are several causes for this behavior, some are medical and some are not. SO it is best to have her examined.

Dr B

Dec 07, 2009
opening up mouth wide and moving head
by: Linda

I would highly recommend making an appointment with your Avian Vet and taking her on in. Make sure her travel cage is well-covered before taking her outside and have car warmed up before she goes into it. It sounds like she has an infection and will need to have the bacteria/virus responsible diagnosed and medicine given for you to treat her with.

The opening up of the mouth and bobbing of the head sounds like her ears may be stopped up from the infection. The sneezing is another sign of an infection.

With winter upon us, please don't take any chances with her. She may very well be in the beginning stages, and it gets worse from here all the way to going off her feed and having to be handfed several tims a day using baby parrot formula and a syringe.Once they stop eating, they HAVE TO BE FORCE FED to keep them alive. It also takes a lot of time and effort to get them back to health.

Best thing is to make appointment and get her in as soon as you can to avoid any further complications with this. Once it gets into their chests, it has become serious, so do not delay.

Thanks for writing and caring about your bird--as you have made my day and maybe my week knowing you care enough to be willing to get her in for treatment. Many Blessings,


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