This Orange Winged Amazon prefers Amy's boyfriend, but tolerates her.

Orange Winged Amazon Photo/Picture

Orange Winged Amazon Photo/Picture Orange Winged Amazon Photo/Picture

Orange Winged Amazon Photo/Picture

Weebles is an Orange Wing Amazon and cage mate and best buddy to Cali the Sun Conure. Weebles hatch date is May 2, 2003.

He came to me when he was just shy of 3 months old. His breeder was a male so he favors males but tolerates me. His favorite person is my loving boyfriend Steven. Weebles calls Steven Papa and loves him to death.

Weebles is so bonded to Cali that if we hold Cali, Weebles has to be where ever Cali is. He will preen Cali and share food with him as well as sleep in the same Happy Hut. I had to make a special one just for the two of them so it would be large enough for both of them to fit in.

They are an odd couple but have a bond that will never be broken.Both Weebles and Cali as with the rest of my flock are cage free. They have cages but are never locked in them. I have a couple of birds who are not cage free because of their handicaps but even they come out with supervision.

All of my birds are on Higgins Safflower Gold for large hook bills, Zupreem pellets, and fresh foods twice a day. I give them fruit, toast, eggs and some cereal as well as birdie bread in the morning. I change it each morning so they don't get bored.

For supper they have a different thing as well. They have veggies each night with either brown rice, brown rice and beans, pasta, or sweet potato. I also give them Beak Appetite off and on. They get fresh and frozen veggies.

I try to give them the veggies and fruit that are high in Vitamin A because Amazons are prone to Vitamin A deficiency. They also keep very active with lots of toys, swings, boings and play stands. They are also able to fly.

I do this to keep their weight down and so that they can escape any flock member who gets aggressive. If they become too aggressive, as male Amazons can when they mature, I clip them and keep them grounded until breeding season is over.

They know when I clip them that they are being punished and they calm right down. They try to lay a guilt trip on me by standing on the cage with a sad look on their face while holding out their wings. It kills me but it has to be done for the rest of the flocks protection.

It doesn't take long for the flight feathers to grown in again and because most of my birds are such strong flyers they can still fly even clipped.

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