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Sunny, Orange Winged Amazon Parrot is a joy to have.

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Sunny is an Orange Winged Amazon. His DOB is July 9th, 2005. I got him in November of the same year for my birthday. He came to me from Gainsville, FL; we live in Illinois.

Sunny is such a joy to have. He is full of personality and, as most Amazons, is strong willed.

Getting him at such a young age helped me to teach him boundaries and what is and isn't proper behavior. This is of course an ongoing process.

He loves to play with his toys! He often hangs upside down holding onto the perch with one foot and in the other holding his toys... I don't need to go to the circus to see the acrobats!

He gets excited when I come home from work in the evenings. He knows play time begins shortly after I come home.

I've heard Amazons aren't really that cuddly but Sunny loves me to scratch and pet him all over. He gets very cuddly in the evenings especially right before I put him to sleep. He is my TV buddy.

I also have three cockatiels that I love very much but Sunny is always the first one to spend time with me since he gets sleepy and tired earlier than the rest of the flock.

I have had such a wonderful experience with Sunny; he is amazing! He talks and whistles a lot, he likes to greet me with kisses, flashy eyes and flared tail.

He goes to my husband with no problem but he will not let anyone else pet him except me. He gets very shy and quiet around strangers.

He went through his first molt several months ago and his colors became brighter than before. Sunny also loves showers and gets talkative when we're vacuuming around the house; maybe it's a fun game to see who's loudest?

I love my cute Orange Winged Amazon.... I'm so glad I have Sunny. He is another member of the family.

I'd like to end this by saying that a parrot lives a long time, all I can say to anyone thinking of getting one is to consider this a long commitment of love.

Get as much information as you can about the bird you're considering before you bring it home. I hate to see parrots switch homes every few years, it's not fair to them.... they form strong bonds with their caretakers so please consider this before you get one.

I assure you if you love your parrot by meeting their most basic needs: proper nutrition, clean living space, entertainment (toys), attention and loving guidance, your parrot will love you for a lifetime and you will enjoy the companionship of a great pet bird.

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