This is Gigi’s Orange Winged Amazon Parrot.

Her Orange Winged Amazon is a rescue parrot that has brought her much joy.

Orange Winged Amazon Parrot Orange Winged Amazon Parrot

Abby, formerly Tia, is an Orange Winged Amazon. She is around 6 years old. Abby had been in 2 homes (one of which was suspected of being abusive) before coming to live in her forever home with me.

When I first met her at the local pet store Abby wouldn't have anything to do with anyone; she was very fearful of hands. Her previous owner had butchered her wings so severely to keep her from flying that I feared the feather follicles had been damaged and Abby would never again experience the joy of flight.

I, being the tenacious person that I am, kept going to visit Abby almost everyday and would bring her treats of sliced apple or raw peanuts. After a few visits, Abby began stepping up onto my hand and would travel around the pet store perched on my shoulder listening closely to me telling her that I loved her.

The owners of the pet store were amazed and told me that no one was able to get that close to Abby without suffering a well placed bite from her strong beak. They were really impressed when they witnessed Abby giving me a kiss!

I brought Abby home on New Year's Eve 2005 and she has blossomed into a feathered friend that has free run of the house under supervision and loves to spend lots of time with her mom.

Abby tolerates her dad but mom is her favorite person. Her favorite activity is going "bye bye" and visiting her former friends at the pet store. I take Abby outside weather permitting and she loves basking in the sunshine while perched on a low branch of a tree.

Abby enjoys a diet of fresh fruits and veggies along with an occasional piece of pizza, meat or chicken bone. She pretty much ignores the pellets I offer in between meals.

Abby's feathers have become much more vibrant in color and she has turned into a real beauty. She trusts me so much that getting her accustomed to wearing a harness when outside has been no problem. Abby's flight feathers are growing back in since her spring molt. I was very relieved to see that.

Abby enjoys playing on her new play gym and has become an expert in untying the knots on her toys along with becoming quite the acrobat. She loves her bath days and loves being blow dried as you can see from one of the photos…LOL!

Abby has brought tons of joy to me. She is the Queen of her castle and she is well aware of that. I can't imagine life without her. If you are thinking getting a companion bird, I would suggest that you consider a "second hand parrot". They have lots of love to give to the right person.

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