This Orange Winged Amazon Parrot is Susie's Best Friend

Orange Winged Amazon, Scooby, took some time to warm up to her, but he has bonded to her now.

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Orange Winged Amazon Picture

My cat of 15 years passed away. I am single and always had a pet. Life would not seem right if I did not have something to take care of and love.

I waited before I saw my Orange Wing Amazon named Scooby (the pet store named him.) He was sitting in his cage, six months old and had this cute face. I had never had a bird before and I fell in love with him after looking at fish, snakes, and small birds.

The sales woman asked if I wanted to see him, I said "Yes" and she took him out of the cage after chasing him and wearing gloves. (I later learned that was not a good sign.)

She let me hold him and finally I got a chair and sat in the room for over two hours. She told me how much he was, plus the cage, food bowls, food (seeds at that time) and I said "OK, I'll take him."

I took him home and put him in his cage, he looked up at me and I thought "Oh no, what did I do?" As the days and weeks went by he screamed and tried to bite me. I said the command "Step up" but no such luck, he did not like me.

As the months went by he came out of his cage, he said his first words and sentence, he was listening to me. He said "What are you doing" "Come here" "Love you" and my heart melted.

When he came out of his cage, we bonded. I could tell he accepted me and he knew I would care for him.

He taught me his likes and dislikes and what foods he loved saying, "Yummy." The foods he did not like he spilled on the floor and talked louder.

It's been three years and each day I learn from him. Even if he is not in a playing mood, or runs from my touches he is a special guy.

I work with him everyday and I make sure he has toys to play with. It is a good experience for me, but he requires more attention than my other pets, like a cat and dog.

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