by carol

why is my african grey biting on the bars of his cage?

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May 15, 2009
by: Anonymous

When I adopted my Quaker she had chewed on her bars so much, she had grooves worn into the sides of her beak. This was a neurotic thing due to her previous living environment. It was not good. Since I've had her, this behavior has totally stopped.
I would say, as long as it is an occasional thing, I would not worry. My only suggestion would be to check the cage and be sure the coating / powder on the bars is intact. Jade had worn hers down to the bare metal and immediately was bought a new cage.
MAry Ann

May 15, 2009
Biting on Bars
by: Anonymous

When the birds bite on the bars of their cages, they are wanting to come out and play. The problem with the biting on bars is possibility of poisoning depending on what your cage is painted or powder coated with and what is underneath the powdercoat/paint. Light colored powder coats usually have high levels of zinc which is poisonous like lead. Some darker colors will have high levels of lead. You will need to check with where you bought your cages to find out this information. Just ask for the hazardous materials sheets for the manufacturer of these cages.

We bought a large flight cage for our parrots made in China. The first one had high lead and zinc levels. We sent it back and got our money back. The second one we have now is an HQ cage, and they sent me to the site where their Hazardous Materials sheets are for zinc and lead. The zinc levels on the lighter colored cages were within safe ranges(not safe enough for us) as was the lead. The lead on the darker ones were also lower than what is considered safe for birds. You need to know these things before you buy cages for parrots.

Anyway, sounds more like they just want to get out of cage and play, so that will take care of the problem very well.

Good Luck and God Bless,

May 15, 2009
grey biting on cage
by: sue

my african grey congo and eclectus, also bite on their cage bars. It is usually when they are wanting out. I don't know if this is something that should be looked into or not. they don't do this very much.

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