ouetion on my jenday conure parrot

by dawn dempster
(borehamwood herts)

hi i have notices this morning my jenday conure parrot as a up set stomach it looks a bit runnie but also like soy sauce a bit to can you help me on this
thank you

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Jun 09, 2009
Sick Bird
by: Anonymous

I agree with Traci, and you need to make an appointment asap and take your bird into an avian vet who will perform tests to see if he has an infection.

Birds who have stomach upsets to this extent will become dehydrated very quickly which can lead to kidney and liver failure.

Please take him to a qualified avian vet for diagnose and treatment.

Good Luck and let us know how he does after he's been seen by vet.

Jun 09, 2009
Take Jenday to an avian vet
by: Tracie

I am so sorry your bird is sick. The only thing I can suggest is that you take your bird to an avian vet.

There is nothing to suggest for treatment without a vet examining your bird and getting background information. Your bird needs to get the correct treatment right away, you don't have time to "try things out" and see if they work.

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