our african grey likes ribena,is it ok.

by steve

the other night our african grey stuck her beak in my ribena glass and started drinking it, is it ok for her to drink it, i just wondered as i know they digest food etc differently to humans.
many thanks

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Jun 04, 2011
our african grey likes ribena,is it ok.
by: Linda

Most parrots are little pigs when it comes to eating and drinking. Fact is that processed sugar will kill your bird and can do it immediately if dosage is large enough, and in small doses is still causing trouble in the bird's body. They simply cannot process sugar or salt.

Good rule of thumb, if it has sugar or chemical preservatives, and this includes ascorbic acid, it is not good for birds. The other problem condiment for them is salt. Salt will kill quicker than sugar will, and both kill so are dangerous for our feathered friends. Nectar eating birds are given a mixture made with natural fruit sugars that are not processed. This is the only kind of sugars birds can have. Don't believe a word of an advertisement for juice that says it does not use corn syrup or processed sugar, because if you are buying it in a grocery store, you are buying sugar and lots of it. Find a reliable health food store and make sure there is NO processed sugar of any kind in any juice. It is better to give organic fruit because juices can upset the stomach.

Remember, that your bird needs to be eating organic pellets with only 10-15% of total diet in treat food like fruit and veggies. No people food or drink of any kind. Give your bird clean, filtered drinking water making sure it has tested to be safe for all to drink. Most places in the US have water supplies with chlorine and fluoride added to the water. Both of these are killers of birds and humans. It just takes humans longer to die from the cumulative effects. Fluoride is not excreted and is stored in soft tissue of bodies including the brain. There can also be other toxins in drinking water, so make sure you have had a water supplier company come out and test your water. We use an under the sink reverse osmosis system we rent from a water company, and it stays around 96% free of chemicals and toxins. Birds can handle a very little of these dangerous items, just not a lot over a long period of time. Even too much minerals in water will accumulate in a bird's soft tissue, so the reverse osmosis system leaves in some minerals as birds need some minerals in water and takes out the excess along with chemicals and toxins.

Thanks for writing,

Jun 04, 2011
Bird drinking Ribena drink
by: Tracie

I know this is a fruit drink in the UK, but not sure of all the ingredients. If the drink has sugar and chemicals, then your bird should not have it.

Remember that your bird has tiny organs that have to filter out all the bad stuff you may feed him/her. This why you should feed organic pellets, like Harrison's, and only organic vegetables and fruits.

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