Our African Grey Timneh

by Mark Thomas
(Ankeny, IA)

Rico is 14 years old and we did a rescue when my sister pass away two years ago. When we got him he had removed most of his feather from his chess and was very wild in nature. After a year with us he has a full chest of feathers and steps up for us and talks. We took him into the vet because he was yawning all the time and was not eating well.

The vet showed us how red his throat was and told us to go to the pet store and get XXX and place a drop in his water bowl every day. After a short time he quit yawning. That was a year ago and now he has started the yawning symptom again. Our avian veterinarian has left and the nearest one is 200 miles away. Would you have any idea what the XXX was that I picked up and the local pet store? Thanks for you help. Mark and Belinda Thomas

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Sep 02, 2010
African Grey antibiotics
by: The Avian Vet

No I do not know and I would recommend NEVER use any antibiotics that come from a pet store, and NEVER use an ?avian? veterinarian who recommend that you by such junk. Immediately take your bird to a real avian veterinarian and get some good advice on how to treat your bird properly. Do not use over the counter antibiotics. They will only mask diseases and will not heal your bird.

Dr B

Aug 24, 2010
Our African Grey Timneh
by: Linda

This is a very unfortunate situation. First of all, a reliable, well trained Avian Vet will not send you to a pet store to get meds as none of them are worth the price on the bottle or package. A "real" Avian Vet would have first diagnosed what type of bacteria is causing the infection and then prescribed an antibiotic to kill that kind of bacteria.I don't know who this supposed Avian Vet was, but they were not familiar with procedure as far as birds are concerned.

I don't know what to tell you as your bird is very sick and will die if not treated properly. There is a link on this site for help in finding an Avian Vet, and if the only one is 200 miles away, I'm sorry, but you will have to make arrangements to make the trip with your bird. Your bird has a severe infection that was not touched by the XXX or whatever you got from the pet store. This may be the reason this vet is now gone, because they are not actually practicing Avian medicine. I've never heard of a vet sending someone to a pet store to get medications when they don't even know what is causing the problem.

So, to sum up, your bird will die unless correctly diagnosed and treated. Call the Avian Vet that is nearest to you, you may find one closer by using the "Find an Avian Vet" link on this site, and see if they come any closer to you working with another Vet Hospital in your area. If so, then make an appointment for when they'll be there. If not, call and talk with them about the problem, and they may point you in a closer direction for another Avian Vet.

Believe me when I tell you that the one you took your bird to has hurt your bird more than they helped him, and once your bird stops eating, death will be very close. Please do not delay getting this poor bird to a licensed, trained Avian Vet as his life depends on it. This infection has gone on much too long, and will simply take your bird out shortly.


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