Our Anna - Eclectus parrot

by Susi

We were given an eclectus parrot yesterday! Sadly she has been neglected. Her cage was absolutely repulsive and I actually had to hold back from bawling! There was no way I could just walk away and risk such a beautiful bird to self mutilate any further or be even more neglected if given to the wrong person! The image of that room and her little cage filled with feces and littered with peanut shells and bird seed was unbearable! There was minimal to no light and her bowl was even empty!

We brought her home in the early afternoon and we knew we were going to have to be patient with her to come around. She was very afraid and we had difficulty getting her into the carrier to bring her home; she even bit my husband! Though not hard enough to inflict any lasting pain! I knew from the second I saw her that we were ment to save her... She ate bread from my hand and even did a little show with her bell... I couldn't help think how could such a majestic beautiful creature be living like this could still be so adorable! (she even grabbed the bead from my hand with her foot and ate it which I read is rare!)

To my amazement in a matter of half a day (if that) she has really began to come around! It brings me to tears to know that a perch and REAL HEALTHY FOOD, a clean environment and our unconditional love and patience could change an animals life so quickly! It was a small challenge to get her into her cage for the night but it was much easier than earlier that day! We have other animals; 3 dogs, 2 cats, a bunny, and fish but Anna is the gem that I have been waiting for and although she is missing feathers at the moment she did not seem to be plucking at all yesterday! I am honored and blessed to have Anna...I know it won't be all sunshine and rainbows but I am ready for the challenges that will without a doubt come my way with raising Anna!

I have learned so much about her in just a afternoon its mind bending to think of what I'll know about her in 30+ years! I also have 3 children that adore her even though they are enjoying her from afar for now till she gets more comfortable. She is definitely part of the family. Her cage and perch (which I got yesterday at the pet shop on sale; it's used but in good condition for $35) is set up next to the fish tank right in the living next to the couch where my husband and I sit, shes in a corner per say till she gets comfortable then I will be moving her perch around the house so she can be in the sun or with me while I do things and can't worry she's on my shoulder etc...

I am just enthralled that I have her. Where her perch is there is a picture that she admires and it actually is the same color scheme as Anna, how adorable is that!?! In a week or so I will be taking her to get a health exam, she is having some really solid green fecal matter which I know is concrete evidence that she has not had a proper diet and may mean liver failure. Also to address the plucking and well that's what you do if you actually take care of your animals! I hope yesterday is kist a fraction of all the wonderful memories Anna will give me an my family and I hope she continues to thrive and be healthy and happy! *tear*

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Sep 05, 2011
Our Anna - Eclectus parrot
by: Linda

Congratulations and much Hand Clapping on your new family member. Yes, there is much to learn, and the learning goes on for a lifetime. There is good, wholesome organic food on this site for your Eclectus, and I'm attaching an article about feeding them.

And Yes, it is heartbreaking to see what some people do with the birds they are entrusted to take care of. She sounds like a good girl though who now has a home filled with love. Be sure and take her to an Avian Vet only when you go. She will need a comprehensive exam including basic bloodwork to see how organs are functioning. Also feed her strict diet for birds with no people food which can be full of salt and sugar and fat all of which are poison for a bird. Processed sugar and salt are two very dangerous items to stay away from Natural, organic fruit is fine for her so long as she is eating mostly her basic diet. Here is article, and it also includes a couple other birds' diets:

Budgie, Lory & Eclectus diets

Here is another one if you have any problems changing her over to a healthy diet and it's written by Avian Vet;

Switching Birds To Pellets article

Be very careful about the cats and dog when she is out of her cage. Cat bites and scratches start up a deadly infection in birds, so keep cats away from her when she's out as well as dog. Your children, depending on ages, will need to be very slow to work with her as parrots are exotic wild animals and apt to be skittish with children if they were not raised around them.

Thank You and God Bless You and Your Family for opening your heart and home to this lovely creature called a parrot. She's highly intelligent, sensitive to all your moods, and needs about 12 hours of darkness in which to sleep and about the same of full spectrum lighting. Sun coming through a window or any light through a window is not full spectrum, so you'll need to look into this. You may want another cage in another room so she can go to sleep around 9pm every night and get proper rest.

Keep us informed of everything as we are here to support you and your bird.


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