Our bird hates my boyfriend!

by Emily

We have had Mango for about a year and a half. He is 2.5 years old. Since we got him, he has preferred my company over that of my boyfriend. However in the past few months he has gotten so much worse. He will only sit with me if I am home and if I'm not, he screams. Constantly. It is to the point where it is unbearable for my boyfriend.

I am aware that conures are very vocal birds, but this goes way above and beyond. He is getting so unmanageable. My boyfriend has tried all the things that Mango enjoys doing with me, like playing with toys, chewing paper towel tubes, etc., to no avail. He only screams. We love Mango very much, and I am not at all saying that I want to get rid of him or anything like that. I just want to know if there is anything we can do to make this situation better. It is making our whole lives chaotic. Please help, we are at our wits end!

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Sep 24, 2015
by: Mel

My Eclectus hates my boyfriend. She lunges, growls and screams when he's around. She does the same to any guy that enters her home. I think her previous owners husband was nasty to her when she wasn't home, because he sure wasn't nice to me when I came to pick her up.

Feb 20, 2014
Un social Conure
by: kassidy

I have a green cheek conure that only likes me. He will attack people and make them bleed if they put their fingers anywhere near him. He is very nice and friendly to me, he wants me to hold him at all times. I wish he liked other people it would be so much easier

Apr 13, 2012
Bird hating boyfriend
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend got a 2 year old Quaker for himself but the bird bonded with me instead. Rocky would chirp very loud if I left the room even though my boyfriend was there with him. And forget about me leaving the house, he would chirp and chirp until I got back. My boyfriend finally started talking to Rocky and interacting with him more by giving him lunch and things to play with. It took some time but now I can leave the two of them together and Rocky is fine with it. When we watch TV he comes into the living room with us and when we both leave the house, we put the radio on to keep him company. It will take time but your bird will eventually warm up to your boyfriend, just make sure he talks to the bird (good morning, hello, you're pretty, etc) and is present when you feed and clean the cage. When you're not in the room and the bird chirps, just give out a reassuring call back to let him know you're still there. My bird never shut up when we first got him and I was at my wits end and couldn't wait to get away from the chirping and sqwaking. The older they get, the less needy they become in wanting their mommy (you).

Apr 12, 2012
Bird hates boyfriend
by: Tracie

I had my two green cheek conures turn on me too. I was the one that fed them and spent my entire day across from their cage, but when they matured they decided I was the devil incarnate.

Fortunately they decided my husband was an angel, and so he was able to help the birds accept me again. They never preferred me, but they quit biting me.

Please read my biting green cheek conure article on our Parrot Training page for help in training your birds NOT to bite.

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