our cockatiel now bites

by Shawn Drake
(Clayton,NC USA)

we moved from illinois to north carolina and before our bird, Angus, was a hand raised pet store young bird. I could always pet his face and cheeks and so could my wife but, since we moved to north carolina, he's totally changed. We've lived here since july of this year and he sways, bites to hurt, won't let me or my wife pet him like he used to.

Can he be brought back to our loving pet or is he always going to act like he hates us? We love our bird and I, the husband, could always pet him and calm him down but, as I said above he's completely changed. If you can help any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Shawn Drake

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Nov 05, 2011
our cockatiel now bites
by: Linda

Moving is a difficult time for birds because they are creatures of habit and do not like change as it upsets their security.

I suggest you take him to be examined by an Avian Vet in your driving area. The reason for this is he's had time to settle into his new home by now, and when you are still seeing unusual behavior like this it indicates your bird may be ill. Sick birds will not feel like being handled, their appetites will be less, and they can start to bite just to get you to leave them alone.

Have the Avian Vet check for infections both viral and bacterial plus basic bloodwork to see how organs are functioning and to see if any abnormalities show in bloodwork.

I believe there is something wrong here, and once physical cause is ruled out, then you have to look at your home situation which is far more complicated. First rule in or out physical cause for this.

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