Our Female Alexanderines are losing their feathers

by Alice


My Partner and I brought 3 alexanderines around 4 months ago from the same breeder. Two of them are a breeding pair(They had bred twice before and were in the same cage when we purchased them - they are around 4 years old). We also got another younger female that is about ready to breed (she was in a cage by herself and talks - she is around 3 years old).

The Male is in fine condition and looks great, but the two females are starting to look moth eaten and are losing the feathers around their eyes (some of the feathers around the eyes also look like pin feathers) and their breast area. The older female that is part of the breeding pair is the worst and looks as though she is losing weight as well.

They always squabble between them(the 2 girls). Could this be a stress thing or could the male be pecking their feathers or they are pecking each other??

They also scratch a fair bit and we have tried to look to see if they have lice. Sometimes there are flakes of skin on their feathers but these do not move. Is this the way to tell if they have lice and if they might shouldn't this effect the male as well??

We have just got into having the alexanderines and they are amazing birds and so friendly! It's upseting to see them go like this and not really know why...

Hopefully you may be able to help us out :)

Many Thanks

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Dec 08, 2008
Alexandrine's feather loss
by: Tracie

Hello Alice,

This does not sound like a regular molt to me. If I were you, I would first call the breeder I purchased the birds from and see if they can come over and take a look.

Because it could be a disease that you would not want to pass on to other birds, I would also take them to an avian vet to be looked at. Nobody can tell you what is for sure wrong without seeing the bird and possibly running tests.

I hope you get this all worked out.

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