Our Grey is laying unfertilized eggs

by Katja
(Bradenton, Florida)

Our "male" grey is 18 years old and laid an egg on Friday. The pet store said to take it away and we did. Today there is another one. Will this hurt Her? How long will this go on?
She gets out of her cage alot and has lots of human interaction.
She also has a box in the closet that she likes to play in. Any suggestions?

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Jan 11, 2011
Unfertilized eggs
by: Tracie

Dr B recently suggested that you boil unfertilized eggs and replace them back in the nest. If you throw them away, the bird may just keep laying eggs and that is very bad for your bird.

Jul 20, 2009
by: Anonymous

My quaker laid twice this year, all infertile. She is 10, and never laid before. She reached a point where she decided to abandon. I was told by a woman who has rescued birds for 17 years that it is very likely that you will get more eggs if you remove them right away. I just checked them over well, and washed them. I found a crack on one, and removed it immediately.
They lay because the conditions get right, too much daytime hours,not enough dark bedtime hours, warm food, and having access to nesting material. Sometimes they just do even if we don't feel conditions are right. I think the fact you removed the egg and she immediately laid more should tell you this may not be the way to go.
Good luck and please keep us posted on what developes.
Mary Ann

Jul 20, 2009
AG laying eggs
by: Tracie

Please read the information that Dr. B wrote on Chronic Egg Laying on our Parrot Training Page.

I know your bird is not a chronic egg layer, but it will answer your questions and it might help you keep your bird from becoming a chronic egg layer too.

Some birds will just keep laying eggs if you take them away from them, but some birds will break the eggs and eat them and get sick. :-/ You will hear arguments from both sides telling you to leave the eggs and remove them. Sorry.

Some people either purchase fake eggs or poke a hole in the eggs laid to drain out the fluid inside and then put them back in.

The article on our Parrot Training page will help you greatly.

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