Our little Skyler

by Kaylea
(Akron Ohio)

Skyler - BG Macaw flying

Skyler - BG Macaw flying

Skyler - BG Macaw flying
BG Macaw landing
Blue and Gold Macaw - Skyler

We met Skyler at 7 weeks old in a Parrot shop we went to..She and her little sister were in the nursery looking at us threw the big window.

Skyler climbed out of the tub they were in on the inside and up to the corner then over trying to open the lock... (Even then she knew the way out of a cage) We held her for the first time.

We fell in love the first moment she looked up at us. We decided we couldn't leave and not make her ours.. As she was being weaned we went back every week to be with her..

We had her cage all set up with toys and the day we got to bring her home was the happiest day of our lives. Next to bringing our daughter home when she was born..

I began training her few days later.. With her harness and did tuns of research how to care for her and on things that had happened to other birds so I could learn from their mistakes.

I knew I couldn't have a bird and not allow her to be out side and fly. You really have to think of everything to keep them safe. I started by training her not to climb on my sholder(you can't protect what you can't see!) So I tought her to remain on my arm keeping one foot over my paulse in my wrist.

Then taking her out on the front deck when she got in her harness. We sat on the deck a bit then came back in. Not only is it important to train them when out side. It is also important to learn your birds body language. They see hawks and anything threw the sky before we do and can alert us of a threat.

She needed to learn not to spook when she was out side so feeling my paulse and seeing i wasnt upset let her know all was ok.I began walking her down the road we live on so she could get used to all the out door noises.

We live close to a hospital so as sirens went off and passed us I assured her she was ok the whole time holding her harness close to her chest keeping her left foot over my paulse..

Skyler learned to trust me unconditionaly. I can hold her in one hand upside down and she knows I won't drop her.. Thies things took a while to teach..and having lots of patients makes alot of difference.

She is now 1 year old and she lives as full a life as we can give her. Taking her to festivals, the park to fly, (always in her harness! ) to car shows pretty much were ever we can. She's our baby:)