our lovebird Julio chirping

by lindsay
(oshkosh, wi)

We got our lovebird Julio about 8 mths ago when he was about 2 mths old, from a breeder who handfed him. he has gotten a lot better lately w/ not chirping quite as much but obviously still does when he wants attention which is expected.

My boyfriend & I let him out of his cage at least once/day for at least an hour, & I'd say we pay equal attention to him. He's used to both of us by now & loves both of us to scratch his head & stuff, & I can just tell he trusts both of us now.

My issue is when he's out of the cage, he's quiet when my bf has him but immediately if he passes him to me, or if Im the one to let him out he starts chirping. I wish I knew if it was anything I'm doing wrong or could do differently, so any advice would be great. Thanks!

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Feb 04, 2012
our lovebird Julio chirping
by: Linda

This could just be the way he acts with you all as individuals. The other issue is he may be upset with something about you. Birds are peculiar about any changes we make to ourselves and these changes can include a haircut, wearing ribbons in our hair when we did not used to do it up to and including buying new clothes that look different from the ones he's used to. I know it may sound silly, but I came out of shower one day with towel wrapped around my head, and my Amazons went off like I was some kind of serial killer let loose in their home! Soon as I took towel off, they relaxed and were normal again, so they are very sensitive about changes in their environment even small ones like moving cage to a new place or new dishes, toys or perches.

If you think for any reason he may be ill, have an Avian Vet check him out. Sudden changes in behavior can mean bird is incubating an infection, so keep an eye on him for less active, less appetite or runny poop. Becoming stressed for no reason can be another sign of illness.

Find an Avian Vet

Thanks for writing, and sounds like Julio has a great home with you all!


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