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Mar 11, 2017
friendly cockatiel
by: anthony storey

that was my cockatiel friendly it died
also past : last year we went new friendly cockatiel up make sure friendly no bite because it was very very clever . now died that why really bad weather make me upset and cry

Aug 14, 2010
you made me laugh
by: Heather

Well i have to tell you you made me laugh because we were at a flea market and of course my husband said no way you can not have it,so we left of course i was mad to make a long story short after an hour he caved and we went back...i have had him,i think he is a boy,for a week not very tame but i am trying my best to make him love me..and my husband who was sooo mad now thinks he is cool wow who would have thought!!!!

Sep 11, 2009
great Story
by: Anonymous

ITS a great story...
very inspiring indeed.

Jun 29, 2009
by: Lauren

Great story - put a smile on my face. Good on you for giving them all such a good home. My little rainbow lorikeet is on my shoulder as I type, and she was a rescue bird. Her happy (and naughty) little personality brightens every day. All the best with everything.

May 28, 2009
Great story
by: Tebos MOM

I loved reading your story I too had a tiel when I was younger her name was Bombay she lived for 16 years. I took a very long break from getting another bird but I am happy to say I now mom to Tebo (male) I am so in love I have no clue how I went so long without a cockatiel in my life I have no children and he is my baby all the way. Oh when i can get him off my husband. LOL Thank you again for sharing your story pluss there is nothing cuter than a big macho man and a cute little tiel on his shoulder!! LOL

Apr 12, 2009
by: Victoria

WOW! what an amazing story!!! I, like you also believe that birds are heaven sent, little angels in disguise! Who can't just fall in love with those little featherd creatures! I'm so glad God put them into your life when you needed those holes in your heart to be filled with love once again. I hope there is many more times of laughs and love with your little ones! I wish you and your birds all my blessings!

Jan 22, 2009
I like your cockatiel story
by: Lynn

Thanks for sharing your great story! I am trying to decide if I want a Cockatiel and this helped. I can't have a bird that makes a lot of loud noises, I hope they don't screech like Conures.

Dec 16, 2008
by: Ty Lee

i have a female cockatiel named Piper!! ....but she doesnt whistle or sing at all..................

Jul 24, 2008
Your lucky find
by: Tracie

What a great story! Thanks for sharing not only your story with us, but your life with your birds.

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