Out of Cage Time Conure and Cockatiel

by Cristie

Hi , I hear people say their parrot is never in their cage. Does anyone have a conure that is free flighted and out of their cage all or most of the day? I have a twelve year old cockatiel and he only goes in and out of his cage on his own accord to eat and sleep.

I would like to add a conure to our family, maybe a Sun or a Blue Crown and would like them to be flighted and out of their cage most if not all day. Does anyone have a flighted conure that spends most or all of his day outside of his cage? Are they destructive?

My cockatiel never gets into trouble, he never chews anything other than paper and he has never been clipped so he is an excellent flier. He knows basic commands such as come, stay and off. I would love to hear how others work with their flighted conures to give them time out of their cage.
Thank you.

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Nov 03, 2010
by: Anonymous

I Have A Cockatiel Im Planning To Train Him So He Can Fly Out Doors And Come Back To Me When I call Her, Other-Wise Known As "Free-Flight". She Is 7 Months, & Bonded Very Fast (1st Day, As Soon As i Got Home, She Started Eating Singing,etc.) We Are Now Working On Recall, it's not So Great But it's Great Considering We Only Train 30 Min A Day (SomeTimes, Except Saturday & Sunday(It's Almost All Day,She Doesn't Mind It's Fun For Her)) She Will Come When I Call Her But Only From My Bed Im Working On Higher Elevations Like The Top Of The Curtains(Representing A Tree)So I Can Get Her Down With Out Going To Get Her. She Will Fly Up But Not So Easy Down. I Think it Has To Do With The Fact She Was Clipped When I bought Her & Had Her Tail Feathers Clipped Ass Well. (& Was Young) So I Think She Hasn't Fully "Fledged" So I Was Wondering How Long Will it Take For her To Grow Back In The Rest Of Her Tail Feathers, And Can A Cockatiel Be Trusted For Free Flight Out Doors?

Editor's note: Either hire someone to help you or purchase a good training manual on this. It can be done, but information needs to be found elsewhere.

Mar 27, 2010
My Booger and Connie
by: Michelle

I have just got my sun conure yesterday, he's 3 months old, When my cockatiel met him he flew right up to his cage, expanded his wings and hissed. showing that it was his territory whether he likes it or not.

My conure went up to him and was about to nibble, or bite his foot, I said No, and they both stopped, I picked up booger and put him back in his cage

Booger is also a Very precise well flier, he's also pretty tough, one time he got outside of my room into the larger area of the house he was flying so fast I was sure he was going to die, he hit the pillar, and flew on my TURNED OFF cieling fan, my cieling fans are never turned on due to the fact that I Do have precautions of knowing that I DO have an excellent FREE FLIGHT bird and I don't want him getting hurt. I have 2 cockatiels and 1 sun conure
my cockatiel angel I literally found in my backyard, she was attracked by boogers loud singing, I did not know if she was hand fed, so I slowly walked up to her, she looked at me, and ran up to me, literally wobbled ran up to me, and I put my hand down and picked her up she immediatly started to brush her head and beak against my hands, I put her in boogers cage, I KNEW SHE WAS FEMALE. and he is a male, HE STARTED SINGING SO HAPPILY LIKE I'VE NEVER SEEN! she began eating immediatly.
I did not post flyers or ask around because my booger bonded with her and it would break his heart for her to go away.
she's been a little cuddlebug love birdy sence. I LOVE HER WITH ALL MY HEART.

Feb 20, 2010
new conure owner
by: Merrilee

Hi I have had my cin green cheek cnure for about 5 weeks. She was handraised and so I hold her and can play with her.
I recommend green cheek as they are quiet and playful, love attention. I've heard nanday and sun conure can be loud.
My birds wings aren't clipped but i'm considering it. She has heard a noise or even nothing and seemed scared when in flight. She has nearly banged into things. Now that I read previous person on this page say it banged into fridge and broke it's neck I'M SERIOUSLY THINKING OF CLIPPING HER WINGS! I lost birds b4 for other reasons and it's sooo sad losing a pet.
Hope this helps.

Nov 16, 2009
Clip the Wings!
by: Bird Freak

We have a sun conure and orange cheeked conure. They are out of the cage most of the time. We keep their wings clipped so they cant fly around the house....however, they have perches EVERYWHERE! If I were you I would not let my birds fly around the house for safety purposes. We had a friend whose bird ran into the fridge and broke its neck while flying :( We leave the cage doors open and they are free to climb all over their cages. We have flat top cages where we put little bird huts and they love climbing around and playing with each other...when they are not attached to one of our family members shoulders or heads!!!

Oct 10, 2009
our flock
by: Anonymous

we have 3 flighted birds (they have their own bird room where they're free and go into their cages on their own only to sleep at night) and come out when we're home at night and on the weekends. The birds are - a 20 year old cockatiel (incredibly strong flyer and I know that flying really keeps him healthy) and 2 sun conures (females). The tiel was there first and the conures were later additions. One of the conures feel in love with my tiel and follows her everywhere but the tiel can't stand her. My 2nd sun conure ignores the tiel because the conure thinks she's a person. I did have another cockatiel up until a year ago (a female) and the 2 tiels loved to be together but kept mating all of time. My boy tiel is still very sad that she's gone. When I've tried to babysit other friends tiels - I can't put them anywhere near my female conure (the dominant female that arrived in the bird room first and claimed it as her own).

So my recommendation is to get another cockatiel. It's best not to mix breeds and conures will ALWAYS chew up everything that's made of wood. The windows in my bird room are completely chewed - so I'll need to replace them when we move out. No big deal to me -- but something that every new conure owner should be aware of. It's just what they do. They love to chew.

Oct 09, 2009
Out of cage time
by: Linda

I vote with the previous writer. Birds need to be caged part of the day and all night for their safety. A bird that is allowed to fly all over house is in danger all the time as houses can be dangerous places for curious birds.

Please consider caging your bird when you are not around to keep an eye on things and at night.

As for the Conure with a Cockatiel, just get another Cockatiel. Cockies are gentle and docile while the Conure is a more aggressive bird in every way. The two birds will not get along, and as the other writer stated, they are big chewers and will chew anything that does not chew them first.

Another Cockie will be your best bet, and cage them separately until they get to know one another as fighting can occur even with the gentle Cockie.

Cage your birds part of the time and all the time at night. Night is when they may get spooked by a light or some activity outside their room and start thrashing. Thrashing is common with Cockies who are disturbed in the night and can cause very dangerous injuries, so a light cover for cages is also a good investment.

Thanks for writing and do think "safety" for your birds.


Oct 09, 2009
Flighted conures
by: Anonymous

I have a 6 mo old sun/jenday conure. Bella is out of her cage in the bird room about 5-6 hours a day. I always cage my birds when I am asleep or at work for safety reasons. I'm sorry, but I think if you are not on hand to monitor or deal with a crisis,injury, or other emergency issues that they should be caged for their safety. My conure has to be monitored closely as she is a big chewer of everything, including screens and wood furniture and moldings, and I would be afraid that she would try to eat an electrical cord. Conures can be huge chewers with extremely strong beaks and are a whole different deal than tiels. Good luck with your birds, and please think safety first.

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