Oven Fresh Bites or Harrison's?

by Sandy

I have a 10 year old conure I adopted a little over a year ago. Her feathers use to be all green (her head red) a few months later she started getting black in her feathers. I thought it was just the stress of the move, but she is settled in now, and thought this molt season would return her feathers back to green.

I know now that it must be her diet and want to switch her to pellets. Which one would be the best? I see the oven fresh bites now, and am confused about which one would be the best to change her over to, to get the best vitamins (or whatever is lacking in her diet to get her color back) She is healthy in all other ways.
Please advise the best product please!!
Thank You,

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Nov 12, 2010
Harrison's pellets are best
by: The Avian Vet

Without a doubt the best food you can feed is Harrison's. You will see results in improved feathers in 1-3 months, provided there are no medical conditions causing the feather issues. I think that it is diet, especially if your bird is not currently on pellets.

Dr B

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