over fed 6 wk eclectus parrot

by Irene
(Blacktown, NSW)

I have a 6wk old male eclectus parrot. He is feeding every 3 hrs. I must have overfed him as his "tummy" is quite round & full. Instead of giving him his formula I gave him mashed up warm paw paw. He only took 2 tiny sips. I massaged his "tummy" for approx. 15 mins & he vomited up a little & I discarded it from his beak & she shook out a couple of drops. I hope he wont die during the night. I will take him to a avian vet first thing in the morn.

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Jul 16, 2013
vet please
by: Anonymous

Can I ask why you gave a 6 week old food other than formula? IMO you shouldn't have, at 6 weeks old they still need their baby food, not real food.

Please take your bird to an avian vet. Eclectus can be extremely hard to feed & wean without any problems. An avian vet will guide you properly through this & be able to get on top of things if something is wrong with her. At her age it only takes one slight error to put her life in danger very fast.

Good luck & I hope all goes well :)

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