overgrown dove's beak

My dove's beak is curving downward with a significant arc. I haven't been working for the last year and can't afford vet bills. Can she starve to death if I can't have the beak trimmed? I've found some great sites online that teach you how to do it yourself, but I've read that it's extremely painful for the bird and that growths can appear later where the trimming occurred.

One suggested shining a light behind the bird so that you can see the quick on the nails. Will I be able to see the quick that way with the beak as well and should I just clip off the beak past the quick and then file with an emery board or could I hurt the bird? Would a cuddle board have prevented the over growth?
I really appreciate your help.

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Aug 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

Trim her beak or give it hard nuts to trim beak.

Aug 12, 2011
Overgrown beak trim
by: The Avian Vet

Do not attempt this yourself. When the beak becomes misshapen it is more difficult and can cause significant pain and bleeding. You need to have it done by an experienced avian veterinarian. Cuttlebone will not help and would not have prevented this.

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Dr B

Aug 12, 2011
overgrown dove's beak
by: Linda

I'm not the avian vet who will also answer this in a similar way. Never, ever try and cut the beak yourself as this is where a bird can bleed out and die.

Take your bird to an Avian Vet in your driving area and have them clip this safely and quickly. Yes, it will cause problems eating and should have been taken care of before it curled under as vet cannot take much off at a time.

It does not cost much to have a beak trimmed and so go ahead, make the appointment with an avian vet and get it done. I know what it's like not having money as I and husband are disabled and have not received a raise on checks on 3 years, and we still put back money for our dog's food and whatever care our birds need which is nail and beak clipping.

Again, I caution you to NOT try and clip the beak yourself as your bird can die in a short time from blood loss. This is a job for an Avian Vet only, so do not take to a groomer or pet store either as they kill and maim birds on a regular basis.

Good luck,

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