Overseas Shipping

Found some things your bird just can't live without, but you live outside of the United States? Well, if the items you want are not so heavy that they have to go by boat, then you can use the service a the link below to get those items!

How to get things shipped overseas

For international orders please check all the restrictions on the website above to make sure that your order will make it to you. One restriction is: A package is excess size when the length of the package exceeds 275cms, when the length plus girth exceeds 420cms or when the actual weight of the package exceeds 70kgs.

You can NOT have large items shipped overseas. Do NOT order large cages or anything that would exceed the size/weight limits above.

All you have to do is set up an account, place your order and then we ship it to the US Address that they give you!

Once you have your account set up, simply come back to our store and start ordering! Yes, it is THAT easy!

Visit our Discount Parrot Supply Store for your overseas order and start shopping!

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