Overweight lovebird

by Asa

I have a 7 year old lovebird, a male, which I think need to lose some weight. He has a feather disease (polyfolliculitis) which itches, so he picks his feathers, especially under the wings, the thighs and rump.
Now I can see rather large bald patches under the wings and legs and under the skin it looks like he has areas of yellow grease / lipoma? Could it be overweight or does all parrots look like that perhaps?

He's on a Harrisons pellets diet except for some millet as a treat sometimes. He is not interested in fruit and vegetables.
He has a large aviary and fly free every day. He has a lot of activation like things to chew on, searching for food, etc. He is alert and happy in general.

Since it is very stressful for him to be captured and taken to a veterinarian, I wonder if there is anything else I can begin to change first, if he is a bit overweight, if it is fat that I see under his skin?
Can I adjust the UV lamp, providing smaller portions of pellets, for example?
Thank you!

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Mar 21, 2013
Lovebird over weight
by: The Avian Vet

In my opinion based on the conditions and diet, I do not think that your bird is over weight. The benefits of medical care far outweigh any stress that will come from the visit. You should have your bird seen. You may consider adding organic red palm oil, Sunshine Factor to the diet. It can help with skin problems, pollifoliculitis, and other inflammatory problems that may be causing what you are seeing.

Dr B

Mar 21, 2013
by: Alex

I know it will be stressful for him, but you need to take him to an avian veterinarian.

The tumour needs to be examined and perhaps a biopsy sent for testing.

No tumours or growths are normal.

The vet can then address the weight issue.

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