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This is the story of Asher the Pacific Parrotlet.

In July of 2006, I went down to the pet store to get a larger cage for the Goffin I just 'rescued'. I just have to look at what birds they have.

Well, low and behold there was this little Parrotlet. No toys just one rope perch! I bought my cage and left. Then came early November, I returned to the same store to buy a larger cage for my Alexandrine. I, of course, had to see if the parrot let got a home. Nope. He was still there. I left with my cage.

The more I thought about him the more I just thought I had to 'rescue' him from that pet store. So the day after Thanksgiving I hit the pet store determined to bring him home with me. I bought him, food, toys and home we came.

I found out he had been in the store for a long while. I did not know just how long until I checked his band. He is 3 yrs old. Imagine being in a small cage with one rope perch, hardly any light for 3 yrs!!! UGH!!! Needless to say he was not hand tame or friendly at all.

He is now stepping up and coming out of his cage on my hand. He likes to sit on my shoulder while I am at the computer or watching TV. He does not like to be petted at all. But we are working on that.

He has only eaten seed so far, though we have tried different food. He now has a new larger cage with lots of toys. He gets his one on one time with me, and a nice bath everyday. He is turning around. Eventually I look to be able to pet him also!

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