Paco and Mia - Alexandrine Parrots

by Linda M Hueftlein
(Phoenix, Az)

Alexandrine Parrots Paco and Mia

Alexandrine Parrots Paco and Mia

We went to a bird mart here in Phoenix on Mother's Day just to learn more about parrots and continue our education since acquiring our 1st bird, Papaya, on March 16.

Ok, fine, we came home with a bonded pair of Alexandrines. They are 5 years old and have never bred but been kept as pets. They are awesome, to say the very least. Paco is somewhat jealous as Mia and I bonded from minute one, and she prefers to be on my over him now. He,tho,is still very dependent on her.(typical, huh!?)She would live on my if it were possible.

They sit on my shoulder and feed each other, then try to feed me. I love these guys so much. Mia has become such a part of me in a very short time. My lovely breakfast room is now the bird room, with both large cages, etc. We even have decorated in tropical decor. I have moved my laptop and monitor back here, and here is where you will find me. When I'm not at work, their cages are open and they have a great time. Right now, I'm trying to get them on to pellets - not a lot of success yet. But they love their breakfast of brown rice, alphabet pasta, carrots, brocolli and some almonds!!! Then it's fruit in the afternoon when I get home. They only have to be alone 5 hours. (..and don't forget popcorn at bedtime!!)No, Paco, I won't forget.

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Jul 26, 2014
Paco and Mia - Alexandrine Parrots
by: Sandra D Singh

Hello Linda M Hueftlein,

Your birds are just beautiful! I love the way you treat them and care for them; keep it up girl, you're doing a wonderful job.

I'm now 59 years old and I've grown up taking care of many birds. I'd a beautiful Orange-Winged Amazon named Punch that lived for more than 38 years. He was fed on bread, rice, beans, roti, nuts, seeds and lots of fresh fruits and veggies; he was very healthy and happy.

I migrated to Canada in January and I was preparing the necessary documents to have him here with me in December. He died in November, only "one month" earlier. This really broke my heart because I knew that he died of grief. NO ONE lives forever and he was no exception. He used to call me ma and he never fussed when I trimmed his nails but he'd sit very quietly and observed attentively until it was done.

He was a part of our family and ate at least one meal with us at the table every day. He went almost everywhere we went; he went with us to even get ice cream for my daughter and to the beaches etc. In my home country we don't buy them but catch them in the forest; in Toronto Amazons are really expensive. I've paid two thousand three hundred for the one that I bought and I named him Sid. I treat Sid and care for him in the same way as I had done with Punch; the only exception is that Punch never got pellets. Sid loves his Harrison's Pellets and ZuPreem FruitBlend with natural flavors, seeds, nuts, cookies and many others.
Sid recently celebrated his 6th birthday and he's very healthy and happy. I had recently posted pictures that you may or may not have seen of him together with my other birds. I also have a Green Cheek Conure whose name is Emma; she celebrated her 1st birthday on January 5th. Sid and her are the only two that I’ve presently. They're my two little babies and they're both healthy and happy; God bless!
Linda, I do wish you and your birds the very best and keep up the good work. I must say that you're doing a wonderful job! God bless!

Jun 28, 2012
linda where did you get your advice?
by: Anonymous

I'm not trying to be mean but you sound like you are & I think you are very wrong in some parts, u should do your own research & talk to a qualified bird vet, but in the wild all they eat are fresh fruit, grains, greens, & vegs, so you should give them a mix of fresh fruit & veg every day, I feed mine a good pellet & zupreem makes a natural that might not be the best but with fresh food it should be fine. I feed it to mine you just wat to avoid the colored pellets if poss bc they contain fake stuff. A lot of sugar. Buh if ur having trouble maybe mix a lil of the colored stuff to get them interested. I also try to feed them as they would in the wild so I do a lot of research even feeding them mainly fruit & veg found in their wild locations.... I have a congo african grey for well over 10 years & now a baby plum headed parakeet & just starting to ween alx but they are not suposed to bepicky eaters so maybe try to moist a few with water & hand feed them or mix a few with the veg. Also in the wild they eat seeds so I mix a small amount of a good quailty seed that has dehydrated pinapples papya & banana chips which they love. They also eat nuts in the wild & almonds are the best, I gve them a few even pisashios, walnuts. Ocashionly peanuts but they have the most fat, nuts tend to have a lot of fat & I use them more for training & as a treat when they do sumthing good. Good luck & iknow they say alex aren't cuddly & they say plum heads are even worse but both of mine love to be pet & snuggle up & peep at me in the am if I over sleep to feed them breakfast, you get in what time you put in with birds, the better socialized the happier & friendly the bird, like I said do research, the web, library & bird talk can give you all kinds of tips, if you have face book or even nus the webcheck out, they do amazing things for birds,
I know a lot of people that say there birds harrisons, I haven't triedbut its soo expensive & theypush to much for me & I read there is a chemical in roudybird that actually cause canser & other bad things, so its hard to believe anyone but id as your vet & if he's pushing you on a certain brand they might make money to push a brand so ask around & research research research! Good luck!
They are super smart & good talkers to by the way & actually use mimic & play for protection & survival skils soo any one that say you shouldn't train them bc they are a bird doesn't really know anything about birds!
Good luck & anyone that pushes one food & says don't feed them to much fresh food is prolly a rep for that brand... beware of the few dangerous food to that you can find online!
Goodluck & godbless

Jun 04, 2010
Beautiful Alexandrine Parrots
by: Vickie

I envy you! Such beautiful birds and nice loving ones too. Wow!!! You sound like you are really good with birds, and the birds know you love them. :-)

I really want to thak you for writing and putting picures too. THANKS

Jun 04, 2010
Paco and Mia - Alexandrine Parrots
by: Linda

Linda, thanks for writing, and I'll tell you WHY you cannot get them onto pellets. YOU ARE FEEDING TOO MUCH AND THE WRONG THINGS. Stop with the almonds as they are extremely high in fat. Stop with the night snacks and only give them small amounts of fruit and veggies a few times a week, not everyday. Please read this carefully because you are killing your birds with kindness, and obviously, you adore them, so follow some simple directions so they can come into optimum health.

The organic pellets are the only pellets to try to change them to, so hope you have a good one like Harrison's. The Zupreem is very low quality and right up there with all seed diets as for health of the birds. If we want quality, we must feed quality. Cheap foods are cheap for a reason, and the health of the birds is at stake here.

The pellets need to be 80-85% of the entire diet, and this means EVERY DAY with fruit and veggies being only 10-15% of overall diet and fed only a few times a week in small amounts. No almonds, no peanuts, ABSOLUTELY NO PEOPLE FOOD OF ANY DESCRIPTION and no late night snacks. Birds are creatures of habit, and you have started them on the road to fatty liver disease and death, so now is the time to make changes for their good. Birds need to be hungry to eat correctly and the right foods, so once you stop with all the fruit and veggies, almonds and late night snacks, you will see them start adapting to the pellets a lot faster. Right now, they do not need to eat the pellets because you are overfeeding them, so they just wait for what they like, not what they need. Birds are like children and have roughly the emotional/mental development of 4-5 year old human children. Treat them just like that as for nutritious foods, rest and play times. They sound like a couple of precious ones, so start anew to give them the best chance of survival.

If they have not been taken to an Avian vet since you got them, please take them in to be checked for infections or other physical problems waiting to cause trouble. Simple bloodwork will show any abnormal kidney/liver functions as well as any infections bad enough to be the in the blood. Have Avian Vet do a throat swab to check for bacterial infections as the anal swab is just about useless for pinpointing bacteria causing infections.

Please take this letter seriously because you are in the process of ruining the health of the birds you love SO dearly. I have been where you are and speak from a hard, painful learning experience. I appreciate you writing in, and also appreciate your honest and true love for your birds. Now, just go the rest of the distance and know you are doing everything right for them now and in the future as well.


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